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Related operations for setting display format in Word 2010

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How to set the display format of Word 2010? When working with documents in Word 2010, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the display format so that the content can be read and understood more clearly. PHP editor Xinyi will introduce you to the relevant operations of setting the display format in Word 2010 in detail to help you optimize the document display effect and improve work efficiency. The following content will explain one by one how to change font, font size, line spacing, paragraph indentation and other settings. Detailed operation steps and screenshots will help you easily master these techniques and improve your Word usage experience.

First we open the Word2010 document window, click the [File] function key, and click the [Options] button.

Word 2010设置显示格式的相关操作

The [Word Options] window pops up, click the [Quick Access Toolbar] option, click the [Select a command from] drop-down triangle button, and select [Not in the Ribbon] in the drop-down menu Command] option in .

Word 2010设置显示格式的相关操作

Then we select the [Display Format] option in the command list, then click the [Add] button to add the command to the Quick Access Toolbar list, and click [OK] button.

Word 2010设置显示格式的相关操作Word 2010设置显示格式的相关操作

Return to the Word document window and select all the document content or part of the text. Then click the [Show Format] button in the [Quick Access Toolbar].

Word 2010设置显示格式的相关操作

Finally, we will display the format contained in the selected Word document in the [Show Format] task pane that pops up.

Word 2010设置显示格式的相关操作

The above is the detailed content of Related operations for setting display format in Word 2010. For more information, please follow other related articles on the PHP Chinese website!

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