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Empire CMS website management system-secondary development manual

"Empire Website Management System" is translated as "Empire CMS" in English, or "Ecms" for short. It is a website management system based on B/S structure, with powerful functions and easy-to-use Empire CMS-logo. This system is independently developed by the Empire Development Working Group. It is a well-designed and efficient website solution suitable for Linux/windows/Unix and other environments. From version 1.0 of the Imperial News System to today's Imperial Website Management System, its functions have undergone several leap-forward innovations, making the establishment and management of the website extremely easy!
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    By studying this tutorial, you can understand the system model function of Empire. Through this function, users can directly expand and implement various systems in the background. This system has its own corresponding collection, whether it is a built-in system model or a user-defined model.

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