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"Elsword" Lydia's third branch opens, crazy researcher comes online

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On April 24, the two-dimensional anime fighting online game "Elsword" will open a new career for Lydia. The crazy researcher who is obsessed with rifts and attracted by taboos will bring players a new experience!

The latest character of "Elsword" "Litia" has attracted the love and pursuit of the majority of players with her unique independent plot, village and dungeon. She is a character with a unique ice ax weapon and Characters with high mobility using exclusive hooks can use the magic of ores to launch exciting attacks, bringing players a very refreshing passion for adventure! This time, Lidya’s third branch of career—crazy researcher—is open. Let’s find out about it together!

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

The game "Elsword" has set up 4 branches of growth routes for each character. Each branch has a different plot direction and characteristics. Players can Experience different game fun by choosing different branches. All of Lidya’s third branch professions are launched today, professions that summon beings on the other side of the rift and use ores to increase their power to cause a wider range of damage. I believe it will definitely bring players a unique gaming journey!

Branch 3: Pathfinder


A researcher who never misses any opportunity and steps into danger.

Under the influence of the curse, Lydia saw the possibilities created by the increased magic power.

As long as you can use it properly, you will definitely reach your goal faster. Therefore, Lydia made up her mind to use this power regardless of the concerns of those around her.

Lydia had no choice but to embark on a journey with her companions, and discovered the medium that opened the rift during the journey. After repeated trials and errors, she integrated the power gained from the ruins into it and successfully developed a new magic tool. Although it is a bit unnatural, it can be regarded as creating an unstable rift.

With the hope of completing Joey’s research this time, Lydia accelerated the pace of research as a ‘pathfinder’.

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

When Lydia's character level reaches level 15, she can perform a transfer. Players can accept job transfer tasks through NPC or purchase job transfer props in the mall to complete the first job. Players who successfully change jobs for the first time can get a promotion costume in their mailbox.

"Road Seeker" is a profession that uses the power of magic tools to successfully create unstable rifts, thereby accelerating the pace of research. Representative skill "Wandering Corpse Scales": Due to the unexpected explosion of the magic tool, the scales in the cracks swarm across all enemies in front. ‘Although there was a slight mistake, the result was not bad. '

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

The 3rd branch, the second turn "The Rift Spirit Key"

Background story:

The danger of summoning the being on the other side of the rift researcher.

Despite repeated warnings from her companions, Lydia still used this power with confidence.

Finally, she briefly lost control of herself due to the curse.

Although this gave Lidya a deep shock, since this was the first time she had made such great progress in the research of rifts, she decided to continue to push forward regardless of the risks. Research.

Everything must end one day. Even if it's for Joey, I can't give up just yet.

It’s just that we can’t involve our companions anymore.

After arriving at the destination, Lidya, who made up her mind to separate from her companions, calmed down her uneasy mood, transformed into the 'rift spirit key', and chose this dangerous path.

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

When the first-change profession reaches level 35, you can perform a second job transfer and transfer it to the second-change profession "Rift Spirit Key", also through tasks or You can complete it with the mall props, and you can receive a set of 2 upgrade costumes at the mailbox.

"The Rift Spirit Key" is a profession that makes the rift appear by studying the existence on the other side of the rift, thereby causing damage to the enemy. When you reach level 65, you can release the super skill "Throwing Earthworms to Fish": you can feel the immeasurable power of a powerful existence through the cracks. Use a powerful magic fishing line to pass through the cracks and create a magic storm around you. ‘Here, bite the bait. '

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

After the second transfer, when the character reaches level 70, he can perform a transcendental job transfer. Players can achieve the job transfer by receiving tasks or mall props. After completing this job transfer, they can release exclusive Go beyond skills and improve your abilities again!

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

The 3rd branch of the third career "Eternal Night Mist"

Background story:

Obsessed with rifts, attracted by taboos Crazy researcher.

Sure enough, I was still too naive.

It wasn't until the unknown power generated from the rift hurt her companions that Lydia realized how dangerous this power was.

After regret and loneliness, in order to save everything, Lidiya traced the traces of the society and caught their trap with difficulty.

The cult proposed that if they could cooperate with them, they would also provide information about the rift.

Although this was a humiliating proposal, Lydia accepted it for her own purposes.

Perhaps there is no way to return to ordinary life. But you still have to keep moving forward, even if there is no answer ahead.

Lidya, who transformed into the 'Eternal Night Mist', stepped into the chaotic space with no retreat without hesitation.

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

Players who have completed the transcendental job transfer and reached level 99 can accept the third transfer mission and transfer them to "Eternal Night Mist". If you want to transfer quickly Professional players can also purchase props in the mall to complete the task.

"Eternal Night Mist" is a profession that accepts the sect's proposal for its own purposes, and explores taboos and crosses realms in order to make up for past mistakes. The third-level super skill "Supreme Mission", through systematic research, finally successfully opened the perfect rift. Lidya walked towards the crack without hesitation. ‘Everything is ready, the only thing left to do is move forward. ’ When the skill ends, the cooling time of [Appearing Crack] is ignored and the [Appearing Crack] directly enters the strengthened state.

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

After completing 3 transfers and unlocking the Nigmore area, players can also perform the final round of "leader transfer". Leader transfer can release 4 Exclusive skills, each exclusive skill has a different stage. The higher the open stage, the stronger the attribute of the skill. An exclusive system for leader fetishes will also be opened, and the potential abilities of the fetishes will be opened, giving random effects and increasing its Attribute blessings bring players another level of advancement.

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

The new riding pet "Sonic No.51" assists the appearance

Various cuteness and styles in the "Elsword" game The "riding pet system" is favored by the majority of players! In addition to its cute or funny appearance, its super combat value can also help you on the battlefield! Today, along with Lidya's new career comes a new riding pet "Sonic No. 51". The super cool heavy-duty motorcycle is majestic. With it fighting with you, it is not only your right-hand man, but also more handsome. Soaring in a straight line, don’t miss it if you like it!

《艾尔之光》莉缇娅第3分支开启 疯狂研究员上线

This new version also provides players with many exciting activities, Elrios Pass, growth support, etc. A variety of rare rewards are not to be missed! The "Elsword" game not only has exciting fighting, but players who like leisure can also go fishing, soak in hot springs, participate in interesting event copies, etc. It has prepared a variety of game experiences for players, and everyone can Find exclusive fun and experience a unique two-dimensional adventure. Join the world of Elios now!

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