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Apple’s ‘Let It Fly’ campaign warms up, iPadOS 18 may add native calculator function

2024-04-24 14:00:22994browse

On May 7, 2024, Apple will hold a special event and officially announced the "Let It Go" special event to be held on May 24. The event is expected to launch a number of new products, including the highly anticipated 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air.

In addition to releasing new hardware products at this event, Apple may also disclose system information related to iPadOS 18. There are rumors that this new operating system will introduce native calculator functionality, a change that will undoubtedly attract great attention from users.

苹果‘放飞吧’活动预热,iPadOS 18或增原生计算器功能

It has been 14 years since the iPad was launched in 2010, but surprisingly, Apple has not built a calculator into its system during this time application. If users want to use the calculator function, they can only search for and download third-party calculator applications in the App Store. This situation actually stems from a decision made by Apple founder Steve Jobs.

苹果‘放飞吧’活动预热,iPadOS 18或增原生计算器功能

According to the editor’s understanding, before the release of the first-generation iPad, the iPad had a built-in calculator application, but it was just a simple transplantation of the iPhone application. and enlarged version of the user interface. However, Jobs, an entrepreneur known for his pursuit of product perfection, was not satisfied. When he saw the calculator application that was simply ported and enlarged, he bluntly told Scott, the senior vice president of the software department. "What about the new design of the calculator app? It looks terrible," Forstall said. Unable to develop a new calculator app in a short period of time, Jobs decided to cancel the app rather than give it to an unused calculator app. The perfect product appears in front of users. However, this feature has been on hold since the internal team never found the time to develop a "perfect" calculator.

Regarding why Apple has not built a calculator application on the iPad, Apple's software director Craig Feder once said in an interview: "Some of the things Apple has not done yet, it hopes to be when it does It should be different after it’s done.” This may explain why Apple has not launched a calculator function on the iPad. They are waiting for a design that can be different.

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