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How to split screen on Honor computer? How to split screen on Hasee computer?

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When you are using an Honor or Hasee computer, you may encounter situations where you need to split the screen into multiple parts to handle multiple tasks at the same time. However, do you know how to achieve split screen? PHP editor Youzi will answer this question for everyone, and will introduce the screen splitting method of Honor and Hasee computers in detail in the next paragraph, so stay tuned!

荣耀电脑怎么分屏? hasee电脑怎么分屏?

How to split screen on Honor computer?

1 Honor computers can be used for split-screen operation 2 Because Honor computers are equipped with Huawei’s self-developed multi-window technology, which can achieve multi-tasking at the same time, split-screen operations are possible. 3 The specific operation method is: enter the system settings, find the "Smart Assistant" option, then enter the "Multi-screen Collaboration" settings, turn on the "split-screen mode", and you can perform split-screen operations. In addition, you can also choose different split-screen modes, such as vertical or horizontal split, to facilitate users to operate in different scenarios.

How to split screen on hasee computer?

Press fn and f4. This is different from the computer model. You can look at the computer between f1 and f9. There is a monitor and a small computer icon on the button. You need to press the combination key and f4 at the same time. , there are three switching modes. If the computer screen is black and there is an image on the external monitor, just press it once!

How to surf the Internet on a split-screen computer?

The computer split screen shortcut key is the win key plus the left and right keys.


Click on the current program, press the win key and the left and right keys to shrink the application to half, and adjust the left and right positions; on the basis of the previous step, press and hold the win key and the down key at the same time , can realize the display of a quarter window in the upper right corner; the task view shortcut key win plus Tab key displays the currently running task program; win plus Ctrl plus D key to create a new desktop window, and you can re-operate multiple programs; win plus Ctr plus left and right keys key to switch to a new desktop window; win plus Ctrl plus the down key are the shortcuts to maximize, restore down, and minimize in the upper right corner of the program.

How to operate split screen on computer?


Find the task view on the taskbar and click to open it.


Enter the task view window and right-click the window you want to split screen.


Open the right-click menu and click the left-align option above.


Click on the right to select another application to be displayed in split screen.

How to split screen on acer computer?

Under the win10 system, you can drag the open program to the corner of the screen to split the screen. You can also press the win ←/→ shortcut key to shrink it to half of the screen. Other windows will also be arranged on the other side. On one side, you can also move the position left or right.

2. To operate the split screen in win7 system, use the mouse to drag the window to the far left of the desktop. When a line appears in the middle, you can release the mouse and the window will automatically occupy half of the screen.

How to set up split screen on the computer?

Step/Method 1

First, open the computer desktop, click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of the computer desktop, and click to select the "Settings" option.

Step/Method 2

Enter the submenu "System" option in "Settings".

Step/Method 3

Click "Multitasking" in "System".

Step/Method 4

Open "Multi-tasking" and set all three options under "Alignment" to "On". After completion, start using the multi-tasking split-screen function and turn them all off. Multitasking split screen function can be turned off.

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