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Assembling a computer configuration? 8000 computer configuration?

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Want to build a computer with powerful performance and affordable price? How to choose the most appropriate configuration when assembling a computer so that the computer can operate with ease in different application scenarios? In this guide, PHP editor Xigua will give you an in-depth understanding of all aspects of assembling a computer, from hardware selection to system configuration, providing you with detailed and practical suggestions. Whether you are a novice building a computer for the first time or an enthusiast pursuing ultimate performance, you can find valuable information and guidance in it.

组装电脑配置? 8000的电脑配置?

Assemble computer configuration?

CPU memory motherboard solid state drive power supply and chassis

8000 computer configuration?

The computer configuration of 8000 yuan is as follows.

You can configure the CPU for I7. The hard disk can be about two T. Then the memory is controlled to be above 16g, I don’t know. Well, you can configure a graphics card of about 2G.

This way it won’t be a big problem for your daily work or playing games.

With this computer, you can use it for at least five or six years. No problem, no need to upgrade.

Computer configuration within 8000?

Configuration list of the most powerful computer assembly machine for 8,000 yuan in 2021:

Processor ASUS TUF GAMING B460M-PLUS (WI-FI) heavy gunner motherboard Intel (Intel) i5-10600KF (set) ¥2019

Radiator Jiuzhou Fengshen (DEEPCOOL) Xuanbing 400 Double Blade¥129

Graphics card GALAXY GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Metal Master OC¥3199

Motherboard ASUS TUF GAMING B460M- PLUS (WI-FI) Heavy Gunner Motherboard Intel (Intel) i5-10600KF (Set)

Memory CORSAIR Avenger DDR4 3000 16G (8G*2) Set¥689

Hard Disk West Data SN550 1TB M.2 protocol¥759

Chassis Patriot (aigo) YOGO M2 PRO¥209

Power supply Zhenhua rated 650W Iceberg Kingdee GX650 80PLUS gold medal¥599

Computer configuration around 8000?

Lenovo computers are better equipped with computers priced around 8000. Lenovo’s computers are very good, and their products are also branded products. Computers priced around 8000 have very high configurations, and Lenovo’s price-performance ratio is also very good. Yes, its configuration is quite high, and the memory of the CPU is also very large, so the computing speed is also very fast. The computer is not stuck at all. It is very good for office use.

Knowledge of assembly computer configuration?

Configuration knowledge for assembling a computer includes the following points:

Motherboard: Choose a motherboard that suits your needs. Pay attention to the type and number of interfaces on the motherboard, as well as the supported processor and memory types.

Processor: Choose a processor that suits your needs, paying attention to the processor model, number of cores, main frequency and other parameters.

Memory: Choose a memory module suitable for the motherboard and processor, and pay attention to the memory capacity and frequency.

Hard drive: Choose a hard drive that suits your needs. You can choose a traditional mechanical hard drive or a solid-state hard drive. Pay attention to the capacity and interface type.

Graphics card: If you need to perform graphics processing or games, you can choose an independent graphics card. Pay attention to the model and memory capacity of the graphics card.

Power supply: Choose a power supply that suits your configuration, paying attention to the power and interface type of the power supply.

Radiator: Choose a radiator suitable for the processor to ensure that the processor maintains normal temperature when working.

Other accessories: Choose appropriate monitors, keyboards, mice and other peripherals as needed.

When assembling a computer, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Electrostatic protection: During the assembly process, pay attention to prevent static electricity from damaging electronic components. You can use an electrostatic bracelet or touch a metal object to release it. static electricity.

Installation sequence: Follow the instructions in the motherboard manual, first install core components such as the processor, memory, and hard disk, and then connect peripherals such as power supply and graphics card.

Connect cables: Pay attention to correctly connecting the cables between each component to ensure normal signal transmission.

Heat dissipation treatment: When installing the radiator, pay attention to the fit between the heat sink and the processor, and use an appropriate amount of heat dissipation silicone grease.

Software installation: After assembly is completed, the operating system and drivers need to be installed to ensure the normal operation of the computer.

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