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Ignite the Crimson Tide IP universe! The Chinese sci-fi RPG battle mobile game "Interstellar Area 52" is available for reservation on all platforms

2024-01-16 13:30:12520browse

The Chinese sci-fi RPG battle mobile game "Interstellar Area 52" developed and published by Hero Games opens all-channel reservations today!

The game is based on the famous domestic science fiction IP "Red Tide". While greatly expanding the world view and plot of the series, it takes players to the interstellar battlefield in the near future to recruit the three classics of Star Alliance, Goddess and Sunro. Racial characters, use strategies to join forces to fight against the Otis Legion, and write a legendary epic full of Chinese science fiction and romance.

重启赤潮IP宇宙!中式科幻 RPG 对战手游 《星际52区》全平台预约启动

"Interstellar Area 52" first exposure PV "The storm is gone, the future is near" is released today!

Under the symbiosis of soul and steel, the reversed intelligent body will fall into the endless abyss with the universe. The representatives of the three civilizations who are unwilling to lose are looking for a commander who can restore world order at all costs. "And you, my major, welcome to join the Interstellar Area 52 Project."

"Star Area 52" perfectly inherits and greatly expands the core design elements of "Art of War: Crimson Tide", cleverly combining ancient Chinese legends, "The Classic of Mountains and Seas" and science fiction elements, through highly imaginative hero designs and High-precision 3D modeling and rendering technology creates a Crimson Tide IP universe full of Chinese science fiction and romantic aesthetics.

重启赤潮IP宇宙!中式科幻 RPG 对战手游 《星际52区》全平台预约启动

In the game, the "Red Tide" elements that players once cared about or ignored, ranging from battleships and mechas to small combat soldiers, will be transformed into more delicate ones. The forms of display are coming: the Star Alliance of heavy industrial technology, the sacred, solemn and secret Goddess, and the Senluo of primitive tribal civilization. The unique culture, biology and technology of each race will also make all the majors linger.

重启赤潮IP宇宙!中式科幻 RPG 对战手游 《星际52区》全平台预约启动

The high-quality game Glory Returns, gameplay and graphics have been upgraded across the board

In 2022, "Interstellar Area 52" was the first to be launched in overseas markets, reaching the top spot in the United States and France on the same day It is on the free list of iOS games and has been recommended by the App Store many times.

Only one year after the game was launched, it has been successfully linked with the blockbuster IP "Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045" and "EVA". As of December 2023, the game has been downloaded overseas for a total of 3 million times, with a turnover of 50 million US dollars, and a total of 77,000 real majors participated in the rating. The average score is stable at 4.4, which shows the strength of the product.

重启赤潮IP宇宙!中式科幻 RPG 对战手游 《星际52区》全平台预约启动

Now, this masterpiece of Chinese science fiction is about to return to China with glory. Based on the rich operating experience of overseas servers, the Chinese server of "Interstellar Area 52" has greatly optimized the art style and strategic gameplay, leading players to experience the near-future Chinese science fiction universe adventure epic.

重启赤潮IP宇宙!中式科幻 RPG 对战手游 《星际52区》全平台预约启动

The strategy of winning thousands of miles is the king's three-album operation and heavy encirclement

The combat system of "Interstellar Area 52" is developed based on the background of "Near Future Universe Simulated War Crisis". We have designed BOSS copies with various mechanisms and added more strategic modes to create an innovative Team RPG gameplay experience and explore unlimited fun with thinking.

重启赤潮IP宇宙!中式科幻 RPG 对战手游 《星际52区》全平台预约启动

The game has installed over a hundred interstellar heroes, and will continue to update a large number of characters. The three races of heroes with different skills can be freely matched by players, and can be combined with each other through a variety of skills. With tactical settings, "the weak defeat the strong" can also become a reality, and details can determine the battlefield situation.

重启赤潮IP宇宙!中式科幻 RPG 对战手游 《星际52区》全平台预约启动

Critical Strike One-Knife Style, Human Sea Summoning Style, Chronic Poison Style, Back Row Must-Kill Style, No-Restart Style... As an interstellar major, you will start from scratch. Create an exclusive team and flexibly adjust the lineup according to the battlefield situation, use different combat styles to defeat enemies, and even explore more strategic styles.

Chinese science fiction, red tide is coming again. The magnificent interstellar adventure in the near future is about to begin, and official website & TapTap reservations are now open.

We look forward to all majors joining the "Interstellar Area 52 Project" and going on this adventure with the entire universe as the imaginary enemy.

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