WordPress edit post

In this chapter, we will look at how to edit a post on WordPress.

Here are the simple steps to edit a post in WordPress.

Step (1) - Click Posts → All Posts in WordPress.


Step (2) - You can view Post1 (Post1 has been created in WordPress - Adding a Post chapter). Few options appear below the post name when the cursor is hovering over the post. There are two ways to edit information, namely Edit and QuickEdit.

Edit - Click on the Edit option in Post1 as shown in the following screen.


You can edit or change the content or title of the post as per your requirement and click on the Update button as shown in the screen below Show.


Quick Edit - Click on the Quick Edit option in Post1 as shown in the screenshot below .


Here you can edit the title, phrase and date of the post, and you can also select the category of the post, like below As shown in the screenshot, then click the Update button to confirm and edit.