• ‎Girls Frontline
    ‎Girls Frontline
    Strategy | 2024-05-06
    "Girls' Frontline" is a strategy role-playing game developed by SUNBORN Games. In this future world, humans and robot girls are fighting. You will play the role of a commander and lead a unique army of robot girls in a series of thrilling battles. Game features: A huge camp of robot girls: Collect and train robot girls with different styles and abilities to build your own strongest team. In-depth plot setting: Communicate with the robot girls and gain a deeper understanding of their story backgrounds, providing support and encouragement to them in battle. Exquisite battle graphics: Enjoy gorgeous battle scenes
  • ‎Odd Dust: Damila
    ‎Odd Dust: Damila
    Strategy | 2024-05-03
    "Earth: Damira" game introduction "Earth: Damira" is a fascinating full 3D alien light science fiction otaku tower defense game. In this game, players will play the role of the captain of the Atum, shouldering the important task of continuing the hope of mankind, leading a group of "newborn" girls full of vigor and vitality to set foot on the mysterious planet Damira to explore this green alien planet. everything of. With its unique sci-fi setting and exquisite 3D graphics, the game presents players with an alien world full of unknowns and challenges. In this mysterious land, players need to lead the girls to build strong defenses to resist threats from alien stars. At the same time, they need to
  • ‎Ape Age
    ‎Ape Age
    Strategy | 2024-05-02
    "Age of the Apes" game introduction: After humans abandoned the earth and looked for a new interstellar home, monkeys unexpectedly became the new masters of this land. From then on, the era of the apes officially began! In this world full of madness and creativity, monkeys are no longer satisfied with life on the ground. They are eager to explore unknown space and retrieve the legendary bananas floating in the stars. To achieve this ambitious goal, the monkeys embarked on an unprecedented space racing challenge. They formed various clans and gangs, each with their own unique flags and beliefs. Among clans, there is both friendly cooperation and fierce competition. They share
  • ‎Neolithic Age
    ‎Neolithic Age
    Strategy | 2024-05-01
    "Neolithic Age" game introduction "Neolithic Age" is the pioneer of the genuine "Stone Age" mobile game. It successfully combines classics with innovation, bringing players an unprecedented gaming experience. In this Stone Age full of mystery and fantasy, you will embark on a journey full of challenges and adventures. The game is presented with exquisite 3D graphics, vividly showing the scenery and creatures of the Stone Age in front of players. You can see the beautiful marks on the beach of Marinas Fishing Village, feel the knowing blow of Badolan, the red storm, and even carefully observe the texture of the stone axe. The processing of these details makes the game world
  • ‎Hunting Simulator Games 2024
    ‎Hunting Simulator Games 2024
    Strategy | 2024-04-16
    "Hunting Simulator 2024" is a hunting simulation game designed to allow players to experience a real hunting experience in a virtual game world. This is a brand-new game that uses advanced graphics technology and game engines to create a synchronous, interactive, multiplayer online game world, bringing players a more realistic hunting experience. Game features: Simulates the real natural environment, including weather, terrain, animal types, etc. Players can hunt in different seasons and weather conditions. A variety of hunting tools, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc., as well as traditional hunting tools such as bows and arrows and slings. Multiplayer online mode,
  • ‎Chronicles of the Great Zhou Kingdoms
    ‎Chronicles of the Great Zhou Kingdoms
    Strategy | 2024-04-13
    "Chronicles of the Kingdoms of the Great Zhou" game introduction: "The state of the country is not permanent, and the monarchs and ministers are not permanent. This has been true since ancient times." In this ever-changing Great Zhou era, various countries were in dispute and heroes emerged in large numbers. "The Chronicles of the Great Zhou Dynasties" takes you back to that magnificent historical period and experiences an unprecedented strategic feast. In this game, you will play the role of an ambitious monarch, starting from a small city-state, gradually expanding your power, and eventually conquering the Central Plains. The game integrates various elements such as strategy, management, and war, allowing you to feel the richness and charm of history in the contest of wisdom and force. You will face many challenges: in terms of internal affairs, you need to properly govern the country;
  • ‎National Farm
    ‎National Farm
    Strategy | 2024-04-09
    "Farm for All" is a relaxing and interesting farm management simulation game, where you can fully experience the fun of planting and breeding, and create your own wonderful farm life. Game features: A highly restored farm management, each link needs to be operated carefully in order to earn more income. There are a variety of items that can be planted and cultivated, from vegetables, fruits to poultry and livestock, with diverse choices and diverse gameplay. Realistic weather system, high sky, clear clouds, wind and grass, will affect the speed and quality of crop growth. A variety of farm tools are available, which can be purchased according to your own needs to improve work efficiency. Active social system,
  • ‎Transformers: Battle for Earth
    ‎Transformers: Battle for Earth
    Strategy | 2024-04-05
    "Transformers: War for Earth" is a strategic role-playing game based on the famous animated series "Transformers". In this game, you will play a powerful Transformers leader and start a life-or-death battle with the evil Decepticons on Earth. By collecting and upgrading your team of Transformers, developing strategies and using various skills, you will lead your team to defend the Earth. Game Features: Transformers Team: Collect classic Transformers from different series to form your dream team, each with their own unique form and skills. Free strategic layout: Arrange reasonably according to the map and enemy positions
  • ‎Small Five Thousand Years
    ‎Small Five Thousand Years
    Strategy | 2024-03-29
    "Little Five Thousand Years" is a strategy game based on Chinese history. In this magnificent land, the wheel of history keeps rolling forward, and countless brave soldiers and wise counselors show their talents in troubled times. The main theme of the game is "to conquer the world without bloodshed, and to strengthen the universe with virtue and morality", which emphasizes the importance of wisdom and morality. In the game, players will play the role of a small figure in the tide of the times, gradually establish their own power, and continue to expand their territory through a series of strategies and ingenuity. Although the battle of weapons can determine the outcome, "Little Five Thousand Years" puts more emphasis on the strategic thinking of "conquering the enemy without fighting".
  • ‎Megapolis simulates megacity construction
    ‎Megapolis simulates megacity construction
    Strategy | 2024-03-13
    "Megapolis Simulator Mega City Construction" Game Introduction Welcome ladies and gentlemen to step into the world of "Megapolis Simulator Mega City Construction"! This is not only a city building game, but also a comprehensive test of strategy, wisdom and patience. Here, every player is a city planner, holding the blueprint of the future city and shouldering the important task of turning this land into a prosperous city. In the game, you will start from a blank land and gradually build your own city. From the initial residential areas and commercial areas to later industrial areas and high-tech parks, every decision