‎Girls Frontline
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‎Girls Frontline
‎Girls Frontline
‎Girls Frontline
‎Girls Frontline
‎Girls Frontline
Game Introduction

"Girls' Frontline" is a strategic role-playing game developed by SUNBORN Games. In this future world, humans and robot girls are fighting. You will play the role of a commander and lead a unique army of robot girls in a series of thrilling battles.

Game features:

  1. Huge robot girl camp: Collect and train robot girls of various styles and abilities to build your own strongest team.
  2. In-depth plot setting: Communicate with the robot girls and gain an in-depth understanding of their story backgrounds, and provide them with support and encouragement during the battle.
  3. Exquisite combat graphics: Enjoy gorgeous combat animations and detailed character designs. Each robot girl has unique skills and attack methods.
  4. Strategic combat system: Flexibly use the skills and tactics of the robot girl to formulate the best combat strategy to defeat powerful enemies.
  5. Diverse game content: In addition to the main plot battles, there are also rich activities, challenges and team play to ensure you endless gaming fun.


  1. Collect robot girls: Obtain robot girls through the card drawing system or specific levels, cultivate their levels and skills, and build your strongest team.
  2. Base construction: Build and upgrade base facilities to improve resource output and the training efficiency of robot girls.
  3. Combat strategy: According to the enemy's type and weakness, select the most suitable combination of robot girls, formulate combat strategies and direct their actions.
  4. Explore the dungeon: Challenge various dungeons, obtain resources and rare props, and improve the strength and combat capabilities of the robot girl.
  5. Multiplayer cooperation: Form a team with other players to challenge powerful enemies and difficult tasks together, and obtain precious rewards and honors.

Player comments:

  1. “The design of the robot girls is so cute! Each girl has her own personality and story, which makes me more immersed in the world of the game. "
  2. "This game is really strategic. Every battle requires me to carefully choose the robot girl and tactics, which is a great test of my decision-making ability."
  3. "The battle screen. It's very beautiful. Every time I release a skill, I'm shocked. I feel like I'm the commander personally participating in the battle. "
  4. "The plot of the game is very attractive. Each robot girl has her own story background. I really want to know their past and future. "
  5. "It's really fun to participate in multiplayer cooperation. Form a team with other players to challenge difficult tasks and experience the fun of teamwork."

Game Tips:

  1. In-depth understanding of the skills and characteristics of each robot girl, and choose the best combination according to the enemy's type and weakness.
  2. Upgrade and enhance the levels and skills of robot girls to make them more powerful and adaptable to different combat situations.
  3. Use reasonable tactics, take advantage of initiative and turn-based tactics, and minimize combat losses.
  4. Keep resources reasonably allocated, don’t rely too much on one robot girl, and maintain diversity in team battles.
  5. Participate in activities and challenges, obtain more resources and rewards, and accelerate the growth and development of robot girls.
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