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List of chicken catching strategies in "Xianshan Farmer"

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How to skillfully capture the chicks in "Xianshan Farmer"? For players who have opened the chicken coop, catching chicks is an exciting and challenging task. PHP editor Yuzai provides you with a series of tips in this article to help you easily master this problem. This article will explain in detail how to catch chicks and share some practical tips to help you become a master of catching chicks in "Fairy Mountain Farmer". If you're eager to improve your gaming experience, read on to explore the details of this article and unlock the secret to catching chicks.

List of chicken catching strategies in Xianshan Farmer

List of strategies for catching chickens in "Fairy Mountain Farmer"

1. Come to the Feijiantai notice board and start exploring.

2. Find a mountain with farmland, so you have a higher probability of raising chickens.

Note: It is quite difficult to find. I have gone from the third level to the fifth level of Qi training.

List of chicken catching strategies in Xianshan Farmer

#3. Near the chicken, open the warehouse, select wheat, and click the wheat icon in the lower right corner to take the chicken away.

Note: The same applies to cats, but they need to be caught with saury

Note: If the captured animals are placed in the spare warehouse, they will not be displayed. They need to enter the chicken coop and interact with them inside. Interact with the notice board and put the chickens from the spare warehouse into the chicken coop.

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