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Win11 Beta preview Build 22621.1610/22624.1610 released today (including KB5025299 update)

2023-12-21 14:18:431165browse

We learned from Microsoft’s official blog that Microsoft today released Build 22621.1610 and Build 22624.1610 (KB5025299) updates for the Windows 11Beta preview channel.

  • Build 22624.1610 = Introducing new features.
  • Build 22621.1610 = New features turned off by default.

Improvements in Build 22624.1610


Introduction of new presence sensor privacy settings and API. If your device has compatible presence sensors, you can now manage privacy and block/allow certain apps from accessing those sensors.

Win11 Beta 预览版 Build 22621.1610/22624.1610今日发布(附KB5025299更新内容汇总)

Microsoft promises not to collect any images or metadata, and all processing is done locally on the device hardware to maximize privacy. If supported by the device, users can find these settings under Settings > Privacy & Security > Presence.

Improvements in Build 22621.1610 and Build 22624.1610


Added a new toggle under Settings > Windows Update for "As soon as possible" Get the latest updates". This new switch is intended for use in the Beta channel to allow Insiders to switch to support packs more seamlessly.

Win11 Beta 预览版 Build 22621.1610/22624.1610今日发布(附KB5025299更新内容汇总)

Insiders in the Beta channel who are using Build 22621 and have this feature turned on will be updated to Build 22624 via a support package. Beta channel insiders who have turned it on on Build 22624 will see a "Windows Configuration Update" delivered via Windows Update, designed to help Microsoft ensure this new switch can properly connect to backend services.

Fixes in Build 22624.1610


  • Fixed a potential issue that caused explorer.exe to crash for some Insiders in the previous build Significant increase.

Fixes in Build 22621.1610 and Build 22624.1610

This update resolves compatibility issues. This problem occurs because the use of the registry is not supported.

Known Issues

Taskbar Search:

  • If there is a Bing button in the search box on the taskbar and restart the computer, before restoring the Bing button , users may see daily rotating search highlights for a period of time.

File Explorer:

  • Insiders with access keys in File Explorer are affected and Shift right-click on a file or folder cannot open "Display more options".

Live Subtitles:

  • On ARM64 devices, enhanced speech recognition support installed via the Language and Locale page if the user switches languages ​​in the Live Subtitles language menu Live subtitles will need to be restarted.
  • Due to an issue affecting registry data retrieval, Live Subtitles will crash on first launch. A new fix is ​​expected soon.
  • Some languages ​​shown on the Language and Region Settings page will indicate speech recognition support (e.g. Korean) but do not yet support live subtitles.
  • When adding languages ​​through the "Language and Region" settings page, the language feature installation progress may be hidden, and users may not see the installation completion of "Enhanced Speech Recognition" (required for real-time subtitles).
  • Subtitle performance may be degraded in non-English languages, and out-of-language filtering is missing in non-English (US) languages, meaning incorrect subtitles will be displayed for speech in non-subtitled languages.

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