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What language is golang?

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Golang (also known as go language) is a statically strongly typed, compiled, concurrent, and garbage collection programming language developed by Google. It is a simple open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

What language is golang?

Go language can greatly reduce the complexity of the code without losing application performance. It can also take advantage of the simultaneous multi-tasking of multi-core processors and can Solve the troubles of object-oriented programming and help programmers deal with trivial but important memory management issues. Compared with other programming languages, it is simple, fast, safe, parallel, interesting, open source, memory management, array safety, and fast compilation. its characteristics.

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Go’s syntax is close to C language, but the declaration of variables is different. Go supports garbage collection. Go's parallel model is based on Tony Hall's Communicating Sequential Process (CSP). Other languages ​​that adopt a similar model include Occam and Limbo, but it also has features of Pi operations, such as channel transmission. Plugin support is opened in version 1.8, which means that some functions can now be dynamically loaded from Go.

Compared with C, Go does not include functions such as enumeration, exception handling, inheritance, generics, assertions, virtual functions, etc., but it adds slice type, concurrency, pipes, garbage collection, Language-level support for features such as interfaces. The Go 2.0 version will support generics, but has a negative attitude towards the existence of assertions, and also defends that it does not provide type inheritance.

Unlike Java, Go has built-in associative arrays (also known as hash tables (Hashes) or dictionaries (Dictionaries)), just like the string type.

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