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How to completely delete navicat

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How to completely delete navicat

I don’t need to tell you to uninstall it. Whether it’s win10 or win7, you can uninstall it directly in the windows settings, or you can uninstall other software more cleanly.

However, the registry is still not deleted, and even the folders are not deleted. The deletion is not thorough enough. The editor below will introduce to you how to completely delete navicat.

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Click on Windows Settings, select Applications, find Navicat, and click to select Uninstall.

How to completely delete navicat

How to completely delete navicat

This is uninstallation. Let me talk about it here. For the sake of safety,

remember to delete the folder in my computer. ,

If you installed the path by default, then go to C:\Program Files\PremiumSoft.

If it is not the default, go to the path you installed at that time. Delete Navicat Premium 12, this folder or the folder you originally named

How to completely delete navicat

Then delete the registry

win r Enter "regedit" and press Enter

How to completely delete navicat

Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PremiumSoft and delete the related registry of Navicat under this path (I There are a few (delete a few, don’t panic),

How to completely delete navicat

are usually under this path, and I haven’t found anything else,

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