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Database file configuration of php development message board

Connecting to the database

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Create a new file conn.php to set up the connection database file

 $conn =mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "123456789") or die("数据库链接错误");
 mysql_select_db("bbs", $conn);
 mysql_query("set names 'utf8'"); //使用utf-8中文编码;

root fill in the user name of mysql 123456789 can fill in your own database password

or die("Database link error"); Make a judgment

mysql_select_db("bbs", $conn);
Fill in the name of the table in your own database at the position of bbs

The file requires a database connection. You only need to call the conn.php file to use it, which is very convenient.

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<?php $conn =mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "123456789") or die("数据库链接错误"); mysql_select_db("bbs", $conn); mysql_query("set names 'utf8'"); //使用utf-8中文编码; ?>
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