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  • The angularjs batarang plug-in is a powerful Angular debugging plug-in that can be installed on Google Chrome. Installing and using this angularjs batarang plug-in can make your development process more convenient.

    Chrome plug-in51252020-04-10
  • Vue.js devtools is a developer browser extension for debugging vue.js applications based on the Google Chrome browser. You can debug code under the browser developer tools. IT engineers who do front-end development should be familiar with this tool. They can check the code while viewing the page in the sidebar pane. Since Vue is data-driven, there is nothing that can be parsed by viewing the DOM structure during development and debugging. But with the help of the vue-devtools plug-in, we can easily parse and debug the data structure

    Chrome plug-in73832020-04-10
  • The Talend API Tester plug-in, formerly known as Restlet Client, is designed and developed by developers as a tool that can help programmers debug web pages. Talend API Tester makes it easy to call, discover and test HTTP and REST APIs. Enables visual interaction with REST, SOAP and HTTP APIs.

    Chrome plug-in64252020-04-10
  • SEO is a search engine optimization technology. Website operators need to publish some high-quality content to meet the needs of users, so as to win the favor of search engines and bring search traffic from search engines. Measuring the search engine's love for a website is usually composed of this SEO indicator. Regarding SEO, we have introduced many plug-ins such as SEO toolbar: SEOquake, META SEO inspector, 5118 Webmaster Toolbox - Essential SEO plug-in, etc. Wait, today the editor has brought you a tool that can quickly analyze the title of a certain web page.

    Chrome plug-in49082020-04-10
  • Tiny tools is a Chrome extension that contains many useful tools, such as QR code generator, QR code decoding, translation, timestamp conversion, source format, JSON format, image base64 character encoding, etc.

    Chrome plug-in63522020-01-11