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Is the scope chain of JavaScript determined when a function is defined or when it is called?

update time:2017-07-05 10:42:15
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javascript - js cross-domain request error: Refused to set unsafe header "Referer"?

update time:2017-07-05 10:42:13
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javascript - Front-end interviews often ask what is the most difficult problem you encountered in the project? How do you answer this?

update time:2017-07-05 10:42:11
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javascript - use of setTimeout

update time:2017-07-05 10:42:09
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javascript - Why are the margin values ​​different between using native js to get the body and using jquery to get the body?

update time:2017-07-05 10:42:07
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javascript - Add a tr tag to a table tag. When the table tag is displayed on the console, there are 2 child elements? What I want is that the tr tag is included in the table tag

update time:2017-07-05 10:42:04
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javascript - Can't js be introduced into the vue project to control the class of elements?

update time:2017-07-05 10:42:02
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javascript - lodash source code, question about why == is used in slice method

update time:2017-07-05 10:41:59
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javascript - vuex reports an error this.$store.dispatch is not a function, how to solve it?

update time:2017-07-05 10:41:57
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What are the ways to convert strings to integers in JavaScript and which one is the fastest?

update time:2017-07-05 10:41:53
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javascript - ES6 Module can directly import commonJS modules. Is this implemented directly in ES6, or is it implemented when converting to Babel?

update time:2017-07-05 10:41:50
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Problem with es6 spread operator...

update time:2017-07-05 10:41:47
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javascript - Please explain the following algorithm code

update time:2017-07-05 10:41:45
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javascript - After using ng build --prod --aot to package angular2, the js is still very large. What should I do?

update time:2017-07-05 10:41:43
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javascript - How to solve the time mechanism problem when using js to implement remote js calls?

update time:2017-07-05 10:41:40
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