VB Summary

VBScript Summary

This tutorial has taught you about VBScript.

You have learned about variables and functions and how to run different scripts based on different situations.

To learn more about VBScript, see our VBScript examples and our VBScript reference manual.

Now that you’ve learned VBScript, what’s next?

The next step should be to learn ASP.

Scripts in HTML files are executed on the client (in the browser), and scripts in ASP files are executed on the server.

Through ASP, you can dynamically edit, change or add any content of the web page, respond to data submitted by HTML forms, access any data or database and return results to the browser, and customize more useful content for different users. Pages etc.

Because ASP files are returned to the browser as pure HTML, we can view ASP in any browser.

If you want to learn more about ASP, please visit our ASP tutorial.