VB example


Write text using VBScript

Use HTML tags to format text

Function in the head part

In the body part Script


Create a variable

Insert the value of a variable in a piece of text

Create an array



Function program

Conditional statement

If...then..else statement

If...then..elseif statement

Select case statement

Random link


For..next loop

Loop output HTML title

For..each loop

Do...While loop

Date and time function

Display date and time

Display day of the week

Display the month

Display the current month and weekday

Count down the seconds to 3000

Add a time interval to the date

Format the date and time

Is this a date?

Other built-in functions

Uppercase or lowercase characters?

Remove the spaces at the end of the string

Reverse the order of characters

Perform an integer operation on a number

Return a random number

Returns a random number between 0-99

Returns a specified number of characters from the left or right side of a string

Replaces certain characters in the string

Returns a specified number of characters from a string