WordPress spam protection

In this chapter, we will learn how to protect your WordPress blog or website from spam. Make sure your WordPress scripts are updated to the latest stable version. WordPress comes with a pre-installed anti-spam solution – Akismet.
You can activate Akismet, you should have a WordPress API key. You must register on the official WordPress website. The key will be sent to your email.
Here are the steps to enable the Akismet spam protection plugin for your website or blog.
Step (1) – Go to your WordPress admin area → Plugins → Installed. The following screen will be displayed.

wordpress-spam-protection step1.jpg

Step (2) - Click the Activate button as shown in the screen below Show.

wordpress-spam-protection step2.jpg

Step (3) - Will activate the Akismet plugin, then click Activate your Akismet account button, as shown in the screen below.

wordpress-spam-protection step3.jpg

Step (4) - As shown in the image below, click Get your API key to get a new key or Enter it manually (if you already have an API key).

wordpress-spam-protection step4.jpg

Step (5) - If you do not have an API key, click the GET AN AKISMET API KEY tab to move further.

wordpress-spam-protection step5.jpg

Step (6) - Fill in the required fields and click on the Register button as shown in the screen below.

wordpress-spam-protection step6.jpg

Step (7) - After completing the registration process. You will get API key in your registered email ID. Manually enter the API key and click the Use this key button as shown in the following screen.

wordpress-spam-protection step7.jpg

Step (8) - If you enter the correct API key, the system will verify your password. You will receive a confirmation message as shown in the screen below.

wordpress-spam-protection step8.jpg

Step (9) - Now your blog will be protected from spam by Akismet. You can view spam comments in your blog or manually mark comments as spam from the Blogadmin area → Comments.

wordpress-spam-protection step9.jpg

You can track how many spam posts Akismet has stopped, and you can keep your posts, blogs, comments, and more safe. Additionally, you can block your website from spammers who might harm your site.