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What is recursion in js

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Recursion in JavaScript is a way for a function to call itself, used to break complex tasks into smaller subtasks. It is usually used to solve problems such as depth-first search, factorial calculation, etc.

What is recursion in js

#What is recursion in JavaScript?

Recursion is a way of executing functions in JavaScript that calls itself within itself.

To expand, a recursive function refers to a function that directly or indirectly calls its own function. Through this call, the function can decompose complex tasks into smaller subtasks and execute itself repeatedly to solve the problem. The whole problem. In JavaScript, recursive functions are often used to solve problems that need to be broken down into smaller steps, such as:

  • Traverse a tree structure
  • Perform a depth-first search
  • Calculate factorial or other mathematical problems

The syntax structure of the recursive function is as follows:

function myFunction(parameters) {
  // 函数代码
  // 递归调用自身

For example, the recursive function to calculate the factorial is as follows:

function factorial(n) {
  if (n === 0) {
    return 1;
  } else {
    return n * factorial(n - 1);

In this function, If n is equal to 0, return 1 (exit condition). Otherwise, the function calls itself passing n - 1 as arguments until n reaches 0. The function then returns the factorials in reverse order, multiplying the results of each layer until the final result is returned.

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