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How about Xander in StarCraft Zone 52? Introduction to Xander’s skills and attributes in StarCraft Zone 52

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StarCraft Area 52: Detailed explanation of Xander’s character StarCraft Area 52 was launched in open beta today, attracting the attention of many players. Among them, Zander, as a popular character in the game, has aroused the interest of many players. This space war strategy card mobile game based on the "Red Tide" IP world view presents players with a near-future science fiction war world. PHP editor Apple will give you an in-depth analysis of Xander's character skill attributes to help you understand the uniqueness of this powerful character. This article will introduce in detail Xander's skills, attributes, as well as his positioning and usage in the game, allowing you to exert his strongest combat power on the interstellar battlefield.

星际52区赞德怎么样 星际52区赞德技能属性介绍

Introduction to Xander’s skill attributes in "Interstellar Zone 52"

Zander-Wind and Thunder Ranger

1. Basic attributes:

星际52区赞德怎么样 星际52区赞德技能属性介绍

2. Skill introduction:

星际52区赞德怎么样 星际52区赞德技能属性介绍

##神 Punishment_Single target damage

Energy Skill

Inflict divine punishment on the target. After 3 seconds of charging, it will cause damage equal to 1100% of its own attack power. After the attack, it will enter the [Overload] state, which will last for 12 seconds. During [Overload], the damage caused will be reduced by 50%. During the charging period, the target will die. Will switch to the nearest enemy. The charging time of rising stars is reduced to 2 seconds. The damage coefficient is increased by 20%. When own health is higher than 60%, the damage of [Divine Punishment] is increased by 40%. Upgrade to increase Lv. 2 damage to 1170% of own attack power. Lv. 3 damage to 1240% of own attack power. 4 Damage increased to 1310% of own attack power Lv. 5 Damage increased to 1380% of own attack power Single target damage

General attack

星际52区赞德怎么样 星际52区赞德技能属性介绍Causes damage equal to 100% of own attack power to the target enemy. Upgrade to increase Lv.2 damage to 106% of own attack power Lv.3 damage to 112% of own attack power Lv.4 damage to 118% of own attack power Lv.5 damage to 124% of own attack power . Lv.6 damage increased to 130% of own attack power

Thunder Strike_Single Target Damage


星际52区赞德怎么样 星际52区赞德技能属性介绍Cast Thunder Strike Attack, causing damage equal to 250% of own attack power to the target. After Star Upgrade is cast, the duration of [Overload] will be reduced by 4 seconds. Damage coefficient increased by 30%. Level up. Damage increased to Lv.2. Damage increased to 265% of own attack power. Lv.3 Damage increased to 280% of own attack power. Lv.4 Damage increased to 295% of own attack power. Lv.5 Damage increased to self. Lv.6 damage of 310% of attack power is increased to 325% of own attack power

##Thunder God's Wrath_Gain


Passive: Increase the critical hit rate and critical hit damage of [Divine Punishment] and [Thunder Strike] by 50% and 60%. When the battle starts, the upper limit of life will be reduced by 20% and become an equal amount of shield, but Zander's Attack power will be increased by 20%. Upgrading will increase Lv.2 critical hit rate to 53%, critical hit damage to 64%, Lv.3 critical hit rate to 56%, and critical hit damage to 68%. Lv.4 critical hit rate increased to 59%, critical hit damage increased to 72% 0 Lv.5 critical hit rate increased to 62%, critical hit damage increased to 76% Lv.6 critical hit rate increased to 65%, critical hit damage Promote to 星际52区赞德怎么样 星际52区赞德技能属性介绍

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