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"Interstellar Area 52" × Nantianmen Project linkage confirmed, public beta will be launched simultaneously on April 24

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"Interstellar Area 52"

《星际52区》×南天门计划联动确定 4月24日公测同步开启

The linkage preheating PV has been released.

We still remember the original intention of the "Red Tide" series of game designs. It was originally a natural disaster: excessive proliferation of microorganisms caused the death of a large number of marine species. At night it turns into a beautiful fluorescent sea, like a dense starry sky. This may be a metaphor for cosmic war, and beauty often hides deep crises.

《星际52区》×南天门计划联动确定 4月24日公测同步开启

Welcome to join the Interstellar Area 52 project and go on this adventure with the universe as the imaginary enemy!

[Successful docking × Independent science fiction universe IP linkage is coming 】

The Nantianmen Project is based on the aviation science fiction universe IP "ULTRAVIC Universe" completely independently constructed by AVIC Global Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd. This universe is based on the history and current situation of the development of science and technology in China's aviation industry, with the mission and goal of "serving the country through aviation and strengthening the country through aviation". It integrates a large number of elements and diversifies to present a sci-fi imaginary world with a vision for the aviation industry.

《星际52区》×南天门计划联动确定 4月24日公测同步开启

As a locally nurtured Chinese technological fantasy theme, the "Nantianmen Project" originated from mankind's dual concerns about the geological disaster and alien invasion crisis that occurred in the 21st century. A team composed of senior generals and scientists of the Chinese Air Force is committed to building a strategic strike group of space carriers covering all areas of the earth to deal with possible interstellar crises in the future.

《星际52区》×南天门计划联动确定 4月24日公测同步开启

Backed by this panoramic plan to show modern technology and powerful strength, the "Interstellar Area 52 Plan" also came into being. This plan aims to respond to crises in the near future and cultivate a high-strategy commander for mankind that can effectively deal with the attacks of complex alien civilizations, and the Luan Bird Space Carrier is one of the core equipment of the Interstellar Area 52 plan.

[Get the mothership × so that humanity still has a foothold in the near future]

On April 24, the "Interstellar Area 52" × Nantianmen Project linkage event will be officially launched after the game's open beta . Complete the linkage event mission to receive the permanent skin "Large Strategic Aerospace Carrier Mothership - Luan Bird".

This skin can replace the paint of the idle fighter on the main interface, cruise the Crimson Tide universe 24 hours a day, defeat enemies along the way, and accumulate rare resources to assist the majors in bravely venturing into interstellar space.

《星际52区》×南天门计划联动确定 4月24日公测同步开启

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