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Meta smart glasses use multi-modal Llama 3! Opportunities for domestic AR glasses are coming

2024-04-24 14:50:14326browse

The AR black technology in science fiction blockbusters has actually entered reality!

Just now, Meta’s own Ray-Ban smart glasses have begun to support the multi-modal version of Llama 3! You know, the open source version of Llama 3 does not yet support multi-modality.

Recently, Xiao Zha also admitted in the discussion that the open source model is worth 10 billion US dollars. However, if it comes to the product side, that's another story.

Hey, isn’t the product here?

Put on this pair of smart glasses. When you feel bored while traveling and riding in the car, you can Let Meta play some music.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

With AR glasses, you can also directly translate unknown languages. Or when you have no time on the road, Meta can send voice messages to friends.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

Go to a building and call Meta to tell yourself more information about it.

Even video calls, live broadcasts, science popularization, etc., as long as you can think of it, AR glasses can do it.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

#Meta introduced that it began testing multi-modal AI on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in December last year. Currently, this new feature has been launched on glasses sold in the United States and Canada.

Xiao Zha is also here to show off his skills

This glasses is equipped with a 12-megapixel camera and five microphones, integrating Meta AI After the assistant, it means that you can do more things with it.

Everything you see can be described.

Just say, "Hey Meta, look at this, tell me what it is?" and it can be controlled by voice command.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

Looking at the pile of ingredients on the kitchen counter, Meta was able to quickly create relevant recipes.

What’s more interesting is that Xiao Zha himself also posted a video on Instagram wearing smart glasses and choosing clothes for himself.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

He picked a dark shirt and asked Meta what kind of pants I should wear it with. Meta gives suggestions for jeans and shorts.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

He also asked the smart glasses to add an interesting description to a photo of a cute pet.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

Xiao Zha is holding a kind of fruit in his hand, and the smart glasses can tell him that it is breadfruit.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

For AR glasses, real-time translation will become a killer application.

When you are traveling and trying to read a French menu. Smart glasses can complete real-time translation without having to consult your phone.

It can even read gestures in different languages, making it a must-have for travel.

In addition, in addition to being supported by multi-modal Llama 3, Meta also announced that smart glasses integrate WhatsApp and Messenger for hands-free video calls.

At the same time, different fashionable frame designs can be used with prescription glasses.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

However, this smart glasses starts at US$300 (2,100 yuan), which is not cheap.

Accurate test of identifying objects outside is more convenient than using a mobile phone

Riding on the excitement of the update, foreign media The Verge released an early access to the inside Evaluation of qualifications.

Some time ago, the entire network was criticized for the unsatisfactory performance of the Humane smart device AI Pin. The point is, at $700, it's not worth it.

The author said, "We should not have too high expectations for Meta smart glasses, because it is not omnipotent."

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

Half the fun of testing is finding its limits.

Can it correctly identify this random car on the street? (an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and an Alfa Romeo Tonale).

Like most AI, Meta AI is sometimes very accurate and sometimes hallucinating.

It correctly identified the Giulia. But Tonale is also identified as Giulia.

But interestingly, the two cars have almost no similarities. The Giulia is a sedan and the Tonale is a crossover SUV.

The author also asked him to identify the succulent plants he planted (because some of them were given by others, and he did not fully know the specific varieties).

Meta answered, "Echeveria, aloe vera and Crassula varieties".

But in fact, the author used Planta, an application that can identify plants through AI photos, to verify and found that none of the plants was Echeveria.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

The most exciting thing is that the author’s lover accidentally saw a big squirrel in the neighbor’s backyard and put on smart glasses to identify what it was. Variety.

The author took the photo with his mobile phone and tried it with another app.

Sure enough, Meta identified it incorrectly, but the APP used by the author successfully identified it as a marmot.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

#However, when the smart glasses were used to identify the photos on the phone, the correct answer of "Marmot" was indeed given.

This case shows that the AR glasses lack the "zoom" function, which leads to the wrong answer.

In addition to its multi-modal recognition capabilities, the response speed was also very fast when the author tested it when paired with a mobile phone. At the same time, smart glasses integrate sound functions, eliminating the trouble of wearing glasses and making interaction more natural.

Meta智能眼镜用上多模态Llama 3!国内AR眼镜机会来了

Generally speaking, Meta smart glasses play a huge role in identifying things when using Meta smart glasses for outdoor activities.

In the past, when the author saw something of interest when he went out, he had to take out his mobile phone to take a photo and identify it.

Now, smart glasses can also extend the capabilities of mobile phones very well, provided that the content you want to identify is not magnified many times.

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