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How to eliminate Douyin big data preference? What is Douyin big data?

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How to eliminate Douyin big data preference? What is Douyin big data?

The data flood caused by the information explosion has trapped us in the "information cocoon" recommended by algorithms. As a popular short video platform, Douyin uses big data algorithms to push content, but this also limits the diversity of perspectives. If you want to break this preference restriction, this article will reveal the principles of Douyin big data to you by PHP editor Banana, and provide a detailed guide to adjusting preferences, allowing you to regain the vast world of information.

1. How to eliminate Douyin big data preference?

Douyin’s big data preferences are recommended based on the user’s viewing history, interactive behavior and other data. If you want to adjust or eliminate these preferences, you can try the following methods:

1. If you want to clear your viewing history, you can find the option to clear your viewing history in Douyin’s settings. By clearing history, you can reduce data recommendations based on historical behavior. 2. Douyin provides the option to clear viewing history. By clearing the history, data recommendations based on historical behavior can be reduced. This can provide users with more personalized content recommendations. 3. In Douyin’s

2. Adjust interest tags: In Douyin’s settings, you can view and adjust your interest tags. You can delete certain tags if you feel they no longer interest you.

3. Diversified interactions: Actively search for and watch different types of content, and interact with these contents by liking, commenting, etc., which can help the Douyin algorithm understand your new interests.

4. Turn off personalized recommendations: In the settings, you can choose to turn off the personalized recommendation function, so that Douyin will no longer recommend content based on your behavioral data.

5. Use Douyin’s trumpet account: Create a new Douyin account, and you can establish new viewing preferences from scratch without the influence of historical data.

2. What is Douyin big data?

Douyin big data refers to user behavior data collected by the Douyin platform, including but not limited to users’ viewing history, likes, comments, sharing, following and other interactive behaviors. Douyin uses this data to analyze users’ interests and preferences through algorithms to provide users with personalized content recommendations. This recommendation system based on big data aims to improve user experience and allow users to see more content they are interested in on Douyin.

Douyin’s big data preference is a product of modern information services. It not only brings convenience, but may also lead to information cocooning. Through the above methods, we can adjust and eliminate Douyin’s preferences and explore more diverse content. Remember, the world of information is vast, and active exploration and diverse interactions are the keys to breaking out of the information cocoon. With the development of technology, we may have more ways to control data recommendations in the future, making our digital life more colorful.

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