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What should I do if my Word document stops working? What should I do if my Word document stops working?

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You may feel very frustrated when you encounter a Word document that doesn't work properly. Don't worry, PHP editor Xinyi will provide you with solutions to your problems. This article will introduce the common reasons that cause Word documents to stop working and guide you to take the necessary steps to solve these problems. Read on to learn various troubleshooting tips to get your Word document back up and running.

What should I do if my Word document stops working? What should I do if my Word document stops working?

#1. Word is forced to close, prompts to send an error report, and then requires word to be restarted.

I encounter a serious error after using Word and need to enter safe mode. You will return to this state after selecting [No], so the only option is to select [Yes].

3. Enter the safe mode of word, and it will prompt that some functions are disabled.

4. No matter how many times it is restarted, it cannot start normally and can only enter safe mode.

5. Reinstalling and repairing office2003 will not help unless you reinstall the system. After uninstalling office2003 and then installing office2000 and officeXP (office2002), a serious error message appears and word cannot be started.


The template file Normal.dot is damaged. Possible reasons include: abnormal termination of the word program while a document is being edited or opened; a macro is written and saved to Normal.dot; other unknown reasons.

Solution 1:

1. Enter C:documentsandSettingsUserApplicationDataMicrosoftTemplates. Where [User] is the current Windows login user name. Note that this requires finding Tools → Folder Options → View from the menu bar of Explorer (i.e. [My Computer] or [Explorer]), and selecting [Show all files and folders] to view hidden files and folders.

2. Find Normal.dot and use Shift Delete to delete it completely.

3. Start word and everything returns to normal.

Note: Normal.dot is the template file of word. During the startup process, word will check whether the status of this file is normal. If it is not normal, the startup will fail. If other files are normal and this file is deleted, Word will automatically re-create the file and restore it to the initial installation state, so you can delete it with confidence.

Shortcut method: Copy %appdata%microsofttemplates to [Run]----Press Enter----Automatically open the templates folder----Delete normal.dot and it will be OK

Solution 2: Search for the [Templates" folder directly on the computer. Once found, enter this folder. Then there will be several files named [Normal] and one [~Normal]. Delete [Normal. dot] public template file, and then restart Word to return to normal. If NORMAL is not found in the C drive, you can do this: enter WORD safe mode, open any WORD document, select Tools - Templates and add-ins. , click [Select] behind [Document Template], and right-click the file NORMAL in the frame to delete it.

If restarting word does not work after deletion, try restarting the computer. Method three: First find the following folder: C:documentsandSettingsAdministratorApplicationDataMicrosoftTemplates. You will see the file [Normal.dot]. This is a public template file. It should be damaged. Delete it directly and the fault will be eliminated.

If you cannot find this folder, you can copy and paste C:documentsandSettingsAdministratorApplicationDataMicrosoftTemplates into the address bar to find the normal.dot file, delete it directly, close the WORD document, reopen it, and troubleshoot.

If If it still doesn't work, delete the office installation files and reinstall it.

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