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How to choose the right C++ function name

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Choosing the right C function name is crucial, and the following tips can help you choose: Clear and concise: Function names should clearly convey the function and be as concise as possible. Use verbs: Function names often start with a verb, indicating the action to be performed. Scoping with nouns: Functions related to a specific object can use nouns in their names. Maintain consistency: Use naming conventions such as prefixes or suffixes to keep function names consistent. Avoid being too general or too specific: Function names should avoid being too general or too specific.

如何选择恰当的 C++ 函数名称

How to choose the appropriate C function name

Choosing the appropriate C function name is crucial to improving code readability and maintainability It's important. Here are some tips for choosing function names:

Clearness and Conciseness

Function names should clearly communicate what the function does and be as concise as possible. Avoid using abbreviations or vague names.

Using verbs

Function names usually begin with a verb, indicating the action the function performs. For example:

void printName(const string& name);
int calculateArea(double length, double width);

Use nouns to limit scope

Consider using nouns in function names when the function is related to a specific object or type. For example:

class Employee {
  void setSalary(double newSalary);
  double getSalary() const;


Function names should be kept consistent throughout the code base. Consider using a naming convention such as:

  • Prefix: Specify a prefix for specific class or module functions.
  • Suffix: Indicates the purpose of the function, such as _calculate() or _get().

Avoid being too generic or too specific

Function names should not be too generic, such as doStuff(). But avoid being too specific, such as `calculateEmployeePayrollForJuly2023()》.

Practical Example

Bad Name:

void processInput();

This name is too general and does not accurately convey what the function does.

Good name:

void validateUserDataInput(const string& input);

This name more clearly conveys the role of the function, which is to validate the user's input data.

Following these tips can help you choose appropriate C function names, thereby making your code more understandable and maintainable.

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