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What is the use of navicat connection name?

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The purpose of Navicat connection name: to facilitate connection management: to store database connection information to avoid manual input every time you connect. Multiple database management: Supports management of multiple database connections for easy switching. Quick connection: Just click on the connection name to quickly connect to the database. Security: Encrypt and store password information to prevent unauthorized access. Facilitates team collaboration: Can be shared with team members so they have access to the same database.

What is the use of navicat connection name?

Navicat connection name: detailed explanation of usage

Navicat connection name is a way to save database connection information, which is convenient Users quickly connect and access the database. Its main uses are as follows:

1. Convenient connection management

Connection name stores the database connection information (such as host, port, user name, password, etc.) in a central location so users don't have to re-enter this information each time they connect.

2. Multiple database management

Navicat supports the management of multiple database connections, and each connection can create its own connection name. This way, users can easily switch between multiple databases without establishing a new connection each time.

3. Quick connection

After having the connection name, the user only needs to click on the connection name to quickly connect to the database. This eliminates the hassle of manually entering connection information and improves work efficiency.

4. Security

The connection name can also store password information securely. When a user saves a connection name, Navicat stores the password in an encrypted manner to prevent unauthorized access.

5. Facilitates team collaboration

Connection names can be shared with team members so that they can also connect and access the same database. This helps coordinate and share data among team members.

Create and manage connection names

Creating and managing connection names in Navicat is very simple:

  1. Click the "Connection" menu.
  2. Select "Connection Properties".
  3. Enter a descriptive name in the "Connection Name" field.
  4. Enter database connection information.
  5. Click the "Save" button.

To manage an existing connection name, simply select it in the Connection Properties window and edit or delete it.

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