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How to fill in the navicat connection name

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The connection name is a unique identifier used to manage database connections in Navicat. Fill in the connection name according to the rules: 1. It must be unique; 2. It cannot be empty; 3. It cannot contain certain characters (such as \ / : *). Examples: company database, personal blog. Connection names help identify connections, prevent duplicate creation, and improve management efficiency.

How to fill in the navicat connection name

Filling in the Navicat connection name

The connection name is the unique name that identifies the database connection in Navicat. It is used to manage connections and can be set when creating or editing a connection.

How to fill in the Navicat connection name

When filling in the Navicat connection name, you need to follow the following rules:

  • The name cannot be empty
  • The name must be unique
  • The name cannot contain the following characters:\ / : * ? " < > |

Connection name Example

Some common examples of connection names are as follows:

  • Company Database
  • Personal Blog
  • Customer Management System

The Importance of Connection Name

The connection name is crucial because it:

  • Allows easy identification and management of connections
  • Prevents the creation of duplicate connections
  • Improves the efficiency of connection management

NOTE Things

    ## Please ensure that the connection name accurately reflects the purpose of the connection
  • It is recommended to use a meaningful name to make it easier to identify later
  • Avoid using generics. name, such as "Connection 1" or "Connection 2".

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