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List of must-play characters in Wuhuaya New Wasteland

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Wuhuami New Wasteland Which characters are good to choose? Players who have just entered "Wuhua Mixin" may feel a little overwhelmed when faced with the dazzling array of characters in the game. Don’t worry, PHP editor Shinichi has carefully selected powerful characters that you must practice in the early stage to help you get started with the game quickly! This article will introduce you to the skills, positioning and training points of these characters in detail, hoping to help you take the lead in the new server and enjoy exploring this wonderful world of martial arts.

List of must-play characters in Wuhuaya New Wasteland

1. Sky Blue Bottle: It is relatively difficult to obtain and can be obtained by completing the main storyline. It has a magic shield and team damage reduction effect, and has strong auxiliary capabilities.

2. T-shaped silk painting: It has high defense and attack power. It can not only output damage, but also share damage with teammates.

3. Tea production painting: The biggest feature is beheading and high burst damage. It is highly recommended for novices.

4. Warring States Bronze Tableware: Although it is only a blue card, it can provide unlimited support to teammates and restore blue blood.

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