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Which is better, access verification rules or validity rules?

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Access Validation rules and validation rules are both tools for ensuring data accuracy, but their functions are different. Validation rules provide complex and flexible validation that can be performed on save or update, while validation rules provide on-the-fly visual cues that are applied dynamically as you type. The best choice depends on the requirements: use validation rules for complex validation, and validation rules for visual cues and error prevention. Recommended to use in combination for best accuracy and data integrity.

Which is better, access verification rules or validity rules?

Access Validation Rules vs. Validation Rules: Which One Is Better?

Access Validation rules and validity rules are two basic tools used to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data in database tables. While they all serve a similar purpose, they differ in how they function and perform.

Access Validation Rules

  • Purpose: Restrict the data types or values ​​that can be entered in the table.
  • Execution method: Executed when the record is saved or updated.
  • Features:

    • Can be created based on field values, operators and message text.
    • Expressions and functions can be used for complex validation.
    • When a rule is violated, a custom error message will be displayed.

Access Validation Rules

  • ##Purpose: Provide visual cues and Error prevention.
  • Execution method: Dynamic application in data input control.
  • Features:

      Can be created based on field format, length and type.
    • Provides instant feedback, showing valid or invalid input.
    • Error messages can be set, but cannot be customized like validation rules.



    Validation rules can create more Complex verification conditions provide more flexible control.
  • Validation rules provide instant validation and help prevent incorrect entries.


    Validation rules may take longer to process, especially when there are multiple complex rules.
  • Validation rules are less flexible and cannot meet all verification needs.

Which one is better?

The best choice depends on the specific needs and use cases:

  • Need complex and flexible validation: Use Access validation rules.
  • Need instant visual cues and error prevention: Use Access validation rules.
Generally, it is recommended to use a combination of both rules for optimal accuracy and data integrity. Validation rules can be used for stricter validation, while validation rules can provide a user-friendly input experience.

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