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"Everything is new" Suggestions on cultivating civet cat plate

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php editor Yuzai brings you the article ""Wuhua Mi Xin" Civet Cat Tray Cultivation Suggestions". "Wuhua Mixin" is a traditional turn-based RPG game. The game has a variety of characters, a large number of equipment, skills, life souls, etc. It is very challenging. Players can improve their gaming experience by cultivating their own characters. Among them, the civet cat is a very practical character with multiple skills and attributes, but it is also difficult to cultivate. Today we will take a look at how to maximize the power of the civet cat and become your right-hand assistant.

Everything is new Suggestions on cultivating civet cat plate

"The New Things" Civet Cat Tray Training Suggestions

Everything is new Suggestions on cultivating civet cat plate

【Skills Explanation】

Civet Cat Pan's professional skills and stunts are all "standard" skills for the mediocre long-range strike profession. They have no special effects, but the passive skills are quite distinctive. First of all, the passive skill "Paint Flow Movement" can greatly increase the damage caused by her regular hits while aiming, and the output is very impressive. However, this passive skill also has certain limitations. If it is used on enemies whose health is below 50%, Attack damage will be reduced by 90%. Could it be that she can only hit an explosion first? This brings up another passive skill of Tanuki Pan, "Ghost Eyes", which allows Tanuki Pan to hit frequently and then perform combos while aiming. If the enemy's health is less than 50 %, the damage of this combo can be increased by 3 times, and it also has 60 defense penetration, which directly makes up for the lack of attacking units with low HP.

In this way, if the raccoon cat wants to ensure a continuous high output state and is not affected by the enemy's blood volume, it will inevitably need to use professional skills frequently. At this time, the passive skill "Meow Meow" will be used It comes in handy. This passive skill allows Tanuki Pan to kill the target or when there is no attack this round, it will additionally speed up the cooldown of professional skills. When these three passive skills are all unlocked, the disadvantages of the raccoon cat disk will be reduced to the minimum, so as to ensure the maximum output efficiency of battery life.

[Team Formation Ideas]

When collectors use the civet cat disk as the main team to form a team, they can select guardians with strong control according to the characteristics of their long-range attack profession. Teaming up with a strategic player who has better vigilance and counterattack capabilities can greatly prevent enemies from approaching the raccoon disk. Coupled with a healing constructor, the overall environment will become relatively comfortable.

[Comprehensive Suggestions]

As a professional long-range weapon user, Rivet Cat Pan can have better continuity and burst in overall output after unlocking the three major passive skills. Sex, the only weakness is the common problem of the long-range profession, she is a bit brittle~ But it doesn’t matter, just try your best to match control and healing teammates to create a comfortable output environment for her ❤ If all collectors open it next time Will you be able to draw this long-range striker during the server? Will you train him?

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