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How to cultivate Wu Hua Mi Xin Wu Wang Fu Cha spear

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php editor Zimo will answer for you: In the game "Wu Hua Mi Xin Wu Wang Fu Cha", the spear is an important weapon. Properly cultivating the skills and attributes of the spear will make you more powerful in the game. By continuously upgrading the level of the spear, strengthening its attributes, and matching it with appropriate equipment and skills, the combat effectiveness and survivability of the spear can be effectively improved. At the same time, a reasonable training strategy is also key. It is recommended to choose a suitable training method according to personal game style and needs, so as to better play the role of spears in the game.

How to cultivate Wu Hua Mi Xin Wu Wang Fu Cha spear

Wuhuamixin Wu Wang Fucha Spear Training Strategy Overview

[Skills Explanation]

As a Suwei professional weapon, Wu Wang Fucha Spear has crucial control and defense capabilities in the level. Her professional skill "Zhulu" can bind enemy units into a fixed grid and reduce their attack power by 20%. Secondly, King Wu In addition to direct damage, Fu Chai Spear's special skill "Spear in the Air" can also taunt enemy units. The two skills are used in combination, giving King Wu Fu Chai Spear a very good field control ability

In addition, passive The skill "Jiwu" can enhance the recovery ability of King Wu's Fuchai Spear, the passive skill "Underestimating the Enemy" can increase the blocking rate of King Wu's Fuchai Spear after meeting the conditions, and the passive skill "Alliance with Princes" can also make King Wu's Fuchai Spear better. When the enemy unit's attack is successfully blocked, it will counterattack. The overall skill mechanism also satisfies a closed loop

[Team formation ideas]

The strength of Wuwang Fucha Spear's own strength is suitable for the role of Suwei. It is trustworthy for collectors. When collectors are thinking about teaming up, they can match it with recovery equipment like Sky Blue Bottle. There is no safety factor. Take the remaining four positions with you. The powerful output is enough, and even King Wu's Fuchai Spear itself has a certain output ability in the process of resisting the line

[Comprehensive Suggestions]

In the three tests, most of the professional skills of the Suwei profession are There are two types of support and restraint control. When there are fewer enemies in the early stages, the advantages and disadvantages may not be obvious. In the later stages, when the monsters gather together and the enemies are blocked in the front row, the difference between the two will gradually become apparent. By then, collectors can Choose the device that best suits you according to the situation

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