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A simple guide to batch transfer photos from iPhone to computer

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As cameras get higher and higher in pixels, people increasingly like to take pictures with their mobile phones. However, the memory of a mobile phone will become less after being used for a long time. Especially for some people who love taking pictures, most of the memory is used to store photos. If Apple mobile phones want to have large capacity, they have to spend money every month, and they don’t know how to use it. Import photos from Apple phones to your computer. Below, the editor will introduce to you how to transfer photos from Apple phones to your computer in large batches.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍


System version: ios15.5&&macOS Catalina10.15

Brand model: iPhone13&&MacBook Air

How to import photos from Apple phone to computer

Method 1: AirDrop import

1. Enter Bluetooth

After entering the Apple phone settings page, click to enter [Bluetooth] settings middle.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

2. Turn on Bluetooth

In the jumped Bluetooth page, click the button behind Turn on [Bluetooth].

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

3. Enter General

After turning on Bluetooth, return to the main settings page and click to enter [General] settings.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

4. Click AirDrop

After entering the general settings page, find and click [AirDrop] inside.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

5. Click on Everyone

After opening the AirDrop page, select and click [Everyone] on the page.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

6. Click on a photo

and then enter the Apple mobile phone album page, select and click on a photo to be imported to the computer.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

7. Click the name of the computer

Click AirDrop on the new page that pops up, select and click the name of the computer in the user list.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

8. Click Save

At this time, an AirDrop window will pop up on the computer, click Accept, and click Save to " Download" folder.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

Method 2: Log in to Apple ID and import

1. Open System Preferences

Enter the Mac computer home page and click on the upper left corner Apple icon, click System Preferences below in the drop-down menu.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

2. Click iCloud

After opening the System Preferences page, select and click iCloud.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍

3. Click Next to log in

In the iCloud window page, enter your Apple ID and password, and click Next to log in to import.

如何将苹果手机的照片导入电脑 苹果手机大批量传照片到电脑的方法介绍


Method 1: AirDrop Import

Method 2: Log in to Apple ID to import

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