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Experts predict: Tesla’s new Model Y may win the passenger car crown in 2023

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News on October 16th, recently, Tesla’s Vice President of Foreign Affairs, Grace Tao Lin-Tesla, released an exciting picture through social media to announce Tesla’s new Model Y will become a dazzling star in the passenger car market in 2023.

This picture emphasizes the new Model The car buying craze triggered by Y since its release. Through efficient production and delivery speed, Tesla ensures that users can get their long-awaited new cars in time. Some of the first owners to take delivery of their cars said they felt as if they had completed the entire car-buying process as soon as they woke up.

专家预测:特斯拉新Model Y或将夺得2023年乘用车桂冠

According to the editor’s understanding, Tesla’s new Model Y ranked first in the sales volume of China's passenger car market with an astonishing sales volume of 53,249 units in September. This has led many industry experts to speculate that the further evolved Model Once Y is released, it will surely shine in the passenger car market in 2023.

专家预测:特斯拉新Model Y或将夺得2023年乘用车桂冠

Tesla officials officially announced on October 15 that delivery of the new Model Y has begun. This model has improved performance configurations, but the price remains the same. New model Y is divided into rear-wheel drive version, long-range version and high-performance version, with starting prices of 263,900 yuan, 299,900 yuan and 349,900 yuan respectively. The rear-wheel drive version's acceleration time to 100 kilometers per hour has also been improved, taking only 5.9 seconds. This upgraded Model Y is currently only sold in mainland China.

This major release makes people look forward to Tesla’s new Model Y's future market performance will become the focus of the passenger car market in 2023. Tesla’s continuous innovation and leadership brings more choices and excellent electric vehicle experience to Chinese consumers.

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