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Which one is better between win10 and win7 systems?

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There are still many users using the win7 system. Many friends who use the win7 system ask the editor whether win10 or win7 is better? Because I don’t know which system is easy to use, I have been considering whether to upgrade or not. I believe many friends don’t know which one is better between w10 and w7 systems. Don’t worry, the editor will analyze which one is better between Win10 and Win7 systems.

Which one is better between win10 and win7 systems?

1. Analysis of the pros and cons of win7 and win10:

1. Win10 can actually be regarded as an integrated and upgraded version of Win7 and Win8. Win10 solves the problems that Win8 does not have. The embarrassment of the start menu. The returned start menu is very similar to Win7, and has been improved and upgraded to include a patch function. In addition, the Win10 interface incorporates the exquisite features of Win8 and still maintains the start screen interface, which can be easily used on touch devices or tablets.

Which one is better between win10 and win7 systems?

2. In addition, Win10 also uses new compression technology, which is more space-saving than Win7. In addition, Win10 also has the latest DirectX 12 built-in, which can bring Better gaming experience.

Which one is better between win10 and win7 systems?

#3. Obviously, which one is better, Win7 or Win10? Overall, it is free, has more new features, and has a better interface. Win10 is better. After all, it is a cross-generation upgrade product that integrates the advantages of Win7 and Win8 and has been upgraded.

Which one is better between win10 and win7 systems?

4. From the perspective of stability and compatibility, Win7 has been very perfect. The stability and compatibility are now the best, supporting almost all software applications and Games; as a new generation system, Win10 is compatible with many software and games, including DirectX 12 support, we still need to wait for Microsoft and game manufacturers to optimize and improve, so Win7 has an advantage in initial compatibility.

Which one is better between win10 and win7 systems?

5. Win10 is better than Win7, but there may be many compatibility issues in the early stage of Win10. For those who like to play games, if you don’t want to bother, it is recommended to use Win7 first. , wait for Win10 to mature before upgrading.

Which one is better between win10 and win7 systems?

##2. Reasons for Win7 to upgrade to Win10:

1. Free

Win10 has opened a free mode for the first time, and genuine Win7 and Win8 users All can be upgraded to Win10 for free through push. Win10’s free upgrade strategy is undoubtedly the biggest selling point. Of course, those who own OEM version of Win7 laptops and desktops can easily upgrade to the latest official version of Win10 for free.

2. Win7 has stopped service support

Win7 has been on the market for a long time and has stopped updating. After stopping updating, the security of Win7 will inevitably be reduced in the future.

3. Software is compatible with all platforms

One of the major features of Win10 is full platform coverage, which means that many applications will be common on different platforms. For example, if you download a game from the Windows Store, it can run on multiple devices such as Win10 desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones at the same time. In addition, the improved cross-platform interactive experience helps users obtain better results on different devices, and data backup is also more convenient.

4. Better game performance

Win10 has built-in the latest DirectX 12 technology, and its performance is 10-20% improved compared to DX 11. The built-in version of Win7 still supports DirectX 11. Does not support DX12. This means that the gaming experience of Win10 system will be better than that of Win7.

5. Win10 has added many new features

Win10 has some built-in new applications, such as search, Cortana voice assistant, Edge browser, virtual desktop, etc. These new features are difficult to use when using them. Have a better experience.

6. Security improvement

Win10 has made more attempts in terms of security, such as supporting face, iris, and fingerprint unlocking. In addition, because it will continue to receive updated support, the security aspect is naturally better than Win7.

3. Reasons to continue using Win7

1. Stability

The new version of Win10 operating system will undoubtedly have some stability risks in the early stage. These bugs will also need to be continuously repaired and repaired in the later stage. Complete. Currently, Win10 has just been launched and will take some time to enter a stable period, while Win7 has already been "mature" and serious bugs have been fixed, so it is temporarily better in terms of stability.

2. No forced updates

One troubling part of Win10 is the automatic forced upgrade, which is not good news for game users. Generally speaking, in order to ensure the normal operation of the game, players will wait and see for a period of time after the new driver is launched; however, Win10’s mandatory updates include graphics card drivers, which may cause some games to not run properly.

3. Privacy Protection

Win10 adopts some new user information collection mechanisms, including access to personal data including emails, contents in private folders, etc. Of course, users can choose not to accept the agreement, but there will definitely be many users who click to agree without fully reading the agreement, which means that private content may have been obtained by Microsoft.

4. Ease of use

The last advantage of Win7 is obviously ease of use. Many users have become accustomed to this best Windows system after XP. In addition, many users do not have touch screen PCs, so it is basically meaningless for Win10 to take into account the desktop and the main menu of Metro applications. In addition, Win7 also has favorite applications such as Media Center, but they no longer exist in Win10.

Which one is better between win10 and win7 systems?

The above is the editor’s analysis of which w10w7 system is better to use. Do you know what your needs are? As for the question of which one is better to use, Win10 or Win7? It depends on how well you use the computer, but for me, the Win10 system will be better. Although the compatibility of the Win10 system is not as good as Win7, it is suitable for me. Everyone should choose between win10 and win7 systems according to their own needs.

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