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Let’s talk about the YuLinMuFeng W7 system?

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Many netizens will have this doubt when downloading and installing the win7 system, that is, where should they download the win7 system and which ghostwin7 system brands are more reliable. Here the editor will introduce to you the Rain Forest Wind win7 system. So how about the YuLinMuFeng W7 system? Today, the editor will talk to you about how the YuLinMuFeng Win7 system is.

Let’s talk about the YuLinMuFeng W7 system?

First of all, the brand of YuLinMuFeng is well-known in the Win7 system industry, and it also has a good user experience. Of course, the premise is that you download the YuLinMuFeng Win7 system from the correct website. If you download from a bad website, you will often encounter situations where the system itself has viruses, or cannot be installed, or there are a lot of junk software, etc. Here, the editor recommends that you can download the YuLinMuFeng win7 system here: windows7en official website YuLinMuFeng win7 system download address.

Let’s talk about the YuLinMuFeng W7 system?

Secondly, the safe and pure version of YuLinMuFeng win7 system is produced using the simplified Chinese version of WIN7 flagship x64 SP1 officially released by Microsoft, and updates important patches and programs to the latest, with It is safer, more stable, and more user-friendly, and has a built-in professional-level system optimization toolbox. Integrating the most comprehensive hardware drivers and carefully selected system maintenance tools makes installation and maintenance more convenient. The system has been strictly checked by anti-virus software.

Let’s talk about the YuLinMuFeng W7 system?

Some of the following advantages:

1. Turn on hardware optimization;

2. Quickly delete icons mode words to optimize visual effects;

3. Disable highlighting of newly installed programs (start menu);

4. Disable anti-virus, firewall, and automatic update reminders;

5. Prohibit remote modification of the registry;

6. Disable the Messenger service;

7. Do not search for Windows Update when installing the driver;

8. Prohibit empty space for shared access Password login

The above is an introduction to the YuLinMuFeng Win7 system. In general, the editor recommends that ordinary users choose the Win7 system of Yulin Mufeng. Yulin Mufeng focuses on optimizing and streamlining things that ordinary users cannot find, and is suitable for ordinary people.

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