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endless good news! OPPO 618 new season sneak peek!

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News on May 31st, according to the editor’s understanding, at 8 o’clock tonight, OPPO’s 618 refresh season will reach its climax, providing consumers with a series of great discounts and benefits. This event includes benefits such as value-for-money subsidies, full price guarantee, old-for-new, and worry-free returns, aiming to allow consumers to fully understand and participate in previous events. In order to facilitate consumers to make full use of these activities, OPPO officials have specially prepared a 618 huge discount guide, which will be introduced one by one next.

The first is OPPO Reno10 Pro. During the 618 refresh season event, its price starts from 3,899 yuan, and you can enjoy up to 24 interest-free installments. And OPPO equipped with 100 million ultra-clear images K11x, you can save up to 100 yuan in this event, the price starts from 1,499 yuan, and there are limited pre-sale wired headphones. OnePlus Ace 2 and OnePlus Ace 2V also has good discounts, with savings of up to 200 yuan respectively, and prices starting from 2,699 yuan and 2,249 yuan. In addition, OPPO Pad’s maximum savings reaches 700 yuan, and the price starts from 1,899 yuan; OPPO The maximum initial savings for Watch3 Pro is 200 yuan, and the price starts from 1,799 yuan.

惊喜不断!OPPO 618焕新季抢先看!

In terms of other discounts, OPPO Reno10 can save you up to 50 yuan, with the price starting from 2,449 yuan, and you can enjoy up to 12 interest-free installments. OPPO Find X6 The price during the Pro event starts at 5,999 yuan, and a limited edition super imaging gift box worth 499 yuan is given away. For OPPO Find N2 Flip, the price during the event also starts from 5,999 yuan, and you can enjoy up to 24 interest-free installments. You can save up to 400 yuan on OnePlus 11, with prices starting from 3,899 yuan, and you can enjoy up to 24 interest-free installments. OPPO You can save up to 300 yuan on the K10, with prices starting from 1,499 yuan; OPPO Find N can save you up to 2,000 yuan, with prices starting from 5,999 yuan. In addition, OPPO Watch3 and OPPO Enco The maximum savings for Free3 are 100 yuan respectively, and the prices start from 1,499 yuan and 399 yuan respectively.

惊喜不断!OPPO 618焕新季抢先看!

In this OPPO During the 618 renewal season, consumers can choose suitable products according to their needs and enjoy a variety of preferential benefits. From mobile phones to tablets and smart watches, OPPO provides a diverse product line to meet the needs of different consumers. Not only that, the full price guarantee and worry-free return and exchange policy also provide consumers with a more secure shopping experience. We hope consumers can fully understand these promotions and find their favorite products during the 618 renewal season.

The above is OPPO There are some exciting discounts and benefits during the 618 Renewal Season. For specific details, please follow OPPO’s official channels or go to offline stores for more information. The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the actual event.

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