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The country's first DNA storage model "ChatDNA" was unveiled and released

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News on May 22, today’s date in China. The Xiangfu Innovation Forum Translational Medicine Industry Summit Forum held in Jiashan, Zhejiang was a complete success.

According to ITBEAR Technology Information, the forum aims to discuss cutting-edge hot issues in precision medicine and life sciences, and share the latest progress in diagnostic technology, gene sequencing and other cutting-edge fields, in order to Promote the healthy development of the medical industry. Participating experts gathered together to share practical experience and innovative ideas.

During the forum, a major announcement and alliance signing ceremony were also held. The Shanghai Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Xiangfu Laboratory and the National Science Center for Translational Medicine (Shanghai) jointly released the country's first large pre-trained model in the field of DNA storage - "ChatDNA". The release of this model will bring new breakthroughs in the field of DNA storage.

The countrys first DNA storage model ChatDNA was unveiled and released

In addition, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Translational Medicine Research Institute, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Fudan University Intelligent Medicine Research Institute , Shanghai Drug Evaluation and Verification Center, Shanghai Computer Software Technology Development Center, E Fund Management Co., Ltd., CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., and Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of the "Artificial Intelligence Translational Medicine Industry Chain Alliance" ". The alliance aims to promote medical transformation, create a new generation of "government, industry, academia, research and application" collaborative innovation system, and accelerate medical technology innovation, achievement transformation and demonstration application.

The wave of digital economy has promoted new development trends in life sciences, medical care, public health and other fields. Experts unanimously believe that the important direction to achieve high-level scientific and technological self-reliance is to conform to the accelerated evolution trend of global biotechnology and promote the in-depth integration of biotechnology and information technology.

Through the Xiangfu Innovation Forum Transforming Medicine Industry Summit Forum, experts and scholars gathered together and contributed wisdom and strength to promote the development of the medical industry. This will also promote the further development of precision medicine and life sciences and make more important contributions to human health and well-being.

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