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What year is the version of pscc?

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pscc is the 2013 version. The full name of pscc is Photoshop CC, which is a new version of photoshop launched by Adobe in July 2013. Based on the functions of Photoshop CS6, pscc adds camera anti-shake function, improved CameraRAW function, image upsampling, improved property panel, and Behance integration. and other functions, as well as Creative Cloud, that is, cloud functions.

What year is the version of pscc?

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What is pscc

The full name of pscc is Photoshop CC. It is a new version of photoshop launched by Adobe in July 2013. It is an image Processing software that mainly processes digital images composed of pixels. Use its numerous editing and drawing tools to effectively edit pictures.

Based on the functions of Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CC adds camera anti-shake function, CameraRAW function improvement, image upsampling, property panel improvement, Behance integration and other functions, as well as Creative Cloud, which is a cloud function.

What year is the version of pscc?

After Adobe launched the Photoshop CS6 version in 2012, Adobe launched the latest version of Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) at the MAX conference. During the keynote speech, Adobe announced several new features for Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud), including: camera shake function, Camera RAW function improvements, image upsampling, property panel improvements, integration with Behance, synchronization settings, and others Useful features.

New Features in Photoshop CC

CC 2014 Enhanced Features: Smart Guides

Press Option (Mac)/Alt (Win) and drag a layer: If you hold down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key while you drag a layer, Photoshop displays measurement guides, which represent the original layer and the distance between copied layers. This feature can be used in conjunction with the Move and Path Selection tools.

  • Path Measurements: When working with paths, Photoshop displays measurement guides. Measurement guides also appear when you select the Path Selection tool and then drag a path within the same layer.

  • Matching Spacing: When you copy or move an object, Photoshop displays measurement guides to visually represent the spacing between other objects, the selected object, and other objects. Match the spacing between closely adjacent objects.

  • Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Win) Hover over a layer: You can view measurement guides while working on a layer. With a layer selected, hold down the Cmd key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows) while hovering your cursor over another layer. You can use this feature with the arrow keys to nudge selected layers.

  • Distance from the canvas: Hold down the Cmd key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows) while hovering the cursor outside the shape, and Photoshop will display the distance from the canvas distance.

Improvements for Linked Smart Objects

You can package linked Smart Objects into a Photoshop document so that their source files are saved in in a folder on your computer. A copy of the Photoshop document is saved in the folder with the source file.

You can convert embedded smart objects into linked smart objects. Transforms, filters, and other effects applied to embedded Smart Objects are retained when converting.

Workflow improvements: When trying to perform an operation on a linked Smart Object, if its source file is missing, you will be prompted that you must rasterize or parse the Smart Object.

Layer Composite in Smart Object

Consider a file with layer conformance stored as a smart object in another file. The Properties panel allows you to access the layer comp defined in the source document when you select the Smart Object that contains the file.

This feature allows you to change the state of a smart object at a layer level without editing the smart object.

Other enhancements

  • "Layer Copy CSS" now supports inner shadow layer effects

  • Smart guides are now enabled by default

  • Highlight brushes now show the currently selected brush and brush changes

  • You can now Access recently used brush presets in context menus and the Brush Presets panel

  • The Color Spectrum Color Picker in the Color Panel is now resizable

  • New Hue and Luma Color Picker cubes in the Color Panel

  • Ability to specify transparency dither gradients

  • Gradient can be created with a single stop. Saved single gradient stops don't work with older versions of Photoshop.

  • New gradient color stops can be created from the current gradient preview sample

  • Native support for importing MPEG-2 and Dolby audio

  • Support new video formats, including Sony RAW and Canon RAW

  • Fixed edge liquefaction warps from the edges of the image

  • Resetting all tools now still resets toolbar slots to default locations

  • Supports large PNG files (Photoshop and Max 2 GB limit)

  • . . . .

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