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Examples of Vue Router route redirection and alias settings

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Example: Redirection refers to when the user accesses

/home , the URL will be replaced by / and then matched to /.

Redirection is also done through

routes configuration. The following example redirects from /home to /:

const routes = [{ path: '/home', redirect: '/' }]
The redirect target can also be a named route:

const routes = [{ path: '/home', redirect: { name: 'homepage' } }]
It can also be a method that dynamically returns the redirect target:

const routes = [
    // /search/screens -> /search?q=screens
    path: '/search/:searchText',
    redirect: to => {
      // 方法接收目标路由作为参数
      // return 重定向的字符串路径/路径对象
      return { path: '/search', query: { q: to.params.searchText } }
    path: '/search',
    // ...


/ is aliased as /home, which means that when the user accesses /home, the URL is still /home, but will be matched as the user is accessing /.

const routes = [{ path: '/', component: Homepage, alias: '/home' }]
Through aliases, you can freely map the UI structure to an

arbitrary URL, and is not restricted by the configured nested structure. Make the alias start with / so that the path within the nested path becomes an absolute path. You can even combine the two, Use an array to provide multiple aliases:

const routes = [
    path: '/users',
    component: UsersLayout,
    children: [
      // 为这 3 个 URL 呈现 UserList
      // - /users
      // - /users/list
      // - /people
      { path: '', component: UserList, alias: ['/people', 'list'] },

/people is an absolute path, that is, you can directly pass /people to visit.
list is a relative path, that is, the url will be spliced ​​with the parent's path → /users/list.

Note: If the route has parameters, be sure to include them in any absolute aliases:

const routes = [
    path: '/users/:id',
    component: UsersByIdLayout,
    children: [
      // 为这 3 个 URL 呈现 UserDetails
      // - /users/24
      // - /users/24/profile
      // - /24
      { path: 'profile', component: UserDetails, alias: ['/:id', ''] },
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