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How to run jar package in linux system?

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How to run jar package in linux system?

When we need to run a Java program developed on Windows on Linux, we need to package the Java program into a jar package and upload it to Linux.

The following are several ways to start jar packages in the background under Linux:

Method 1:

java -jar xxx.jar &

& means running in the background, the ssh window is not locked, but when the window is closed , the program will still exit.

Method 2:

nohup java -jar xxx.jar &

nohup means running the command line without hanging up. When the account exits or closes the terminal, the program will still run.

When a job is executed with the nohup command, all output of the job is redirected to the nohup.out file, unless an output file is otherwise specified.

Method 3:

nohup java -jar xxx.jar >/usr/local/temp.txt &

> /usr/local/temp.txt means recording all startup log information into the temp.txt file.

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