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What is POPO?

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What is POPO?

What is POPO?

POPO generally refers to NetEase Bubble, which is a free green multimedia instant messaging tool developed by NetEase.

POPO not only supports basic instant messaging functions such as instant text chat, voice calls, video conversations, and file resuming, but also provides email reminders, multi-person interest groups, online and local music playback, online radio, and sending Network multimedia files, network file sharing, customized software skins and other functions.

And can be connected to various communication methods such as mobile communication terminals. You can use POPO to communicate with friends safely, quickly and efficiently.

Extended information:

Special functions:

Network connection and transmission function: POPO provides super network connection and transmission function, and can penetrate firewalls , supports a variety of specialized agents. Network connection: Flexible and convenient, supports multiple agents. POPO has a super network connection function. You can not only connect and log in through ordinary methods, but also through http proxy and sock5 proxy

Network transmission: Penetrate any firewall, no matter where you and your netizens are, Using POPO will make your communication hassle-free.

File transfer: Supports resumable transfer, you can use POPO to exchange files exceeding 100M, and supports resumable transfer. Multiple files can be transferred in one chat window at the same time.

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