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Is python suitable for game development?

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Python is not suitable for game development. There are some individual examples, such as "Civilization" and "EVE" using Python, but this doesn't mean much.
According to general understanding, Python is mainly suitable for writing small programs, using a small amount of code to quickly solve some small problems. It is not suitable for writing larger programs, even Guido, the creator of Python, thinks so.

Is python suitable for game development?

And almost any game is a big program. Even "small games" such as "Landlord" and "Lianliankan". The amount of code is at least 5,6 thousand lines.
The fundamental problem is that Python's syntax is too concise. There is no process of declaring a variable, but direct assignment to create a variable. The main thing is that the data type is omitted. Beginners may think this is an advantage, but for writing relatively large programs, Python's maintainability is simply terrible. As long as it exceeds 1,000 lines, I will never use Python to write it. I believe that except for beginners, most working programmers are like me.

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The languages ​​used for game development are mainly C and C#. Let me give an example using pseudo code, such as languages ​​like C and C#, to declare several variables, roughly as follows.
Weapon W1=xxx;
Skill J2=xxx;
Potion Y3=xxx;
Monster G4=xxx;
If you use Python, how to write it?
On the first day, you will feel very comfortable writing in Python. After all, you can write a lot less thing. Just remember which classes you have declared and which variables you have declared. So on the first day, you created 5 classes, declared 100 general variables, and created 50 objects. 2000 lines of code written.
But the next day, when you see these 2,000 lines of code, how many of the 100 variables used the day before can you quickly recognize? How many times did you use each variable? Where are they used? You will find that most of your work the next day is spent recalling "What did I think yesterday?" "What is this variable?" "When I created that class, what was it intended to be used for?" What are you doing?" Questions like this. So you will find that your work efficiency drops significantly the next day. After a whole day, you still stumbled and wrote hundreds of lines of code.
On the third day, you will find that throughout the whole day, you have been recalling "yesterday and the day before yesterday..." and you can't even write a sentence of the following code. This is the "maintainability" problem of Python code.

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