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what is java

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What is java? what is java? Let’s summarize it below.

what is java

What is java?

Java is a static programming language with powerful multi-threading features. Currently, Java not only adopts the advantages of the C language, but also removes some complex concepts such as multiple inheritance pointers and so on. We can use Java to Write a lot of applications.

Java language features?

The Java language is simple and is an object-oriented language. Java does not have any structure. Java objects are arrays and strings, and the Java language is compiled to generate bytecode. , can be effectively transmitted to various platforms, and can ensure a certain degree of security.

#How does java work?

The working principle of java is composed of four parts. When we edit and run a java file, it must be composed of four parts. The first is java language programming. , followed by the Java file format, using the Java virtual machine to run the file, compile it into the corresponding bytecode, and use the Java application programming interface to complete the API call.

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