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"Performance monster" doubles down the list again ROG8 Pro tops the June AnTuTu performance list

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Halfway through 2024, who is currently the most powerful mobile phone? On July 1, AnTuTu officially announced the answer to its June 2024 Android flagship phone performance rankings. In the "landscape" of performance flagships, facing a number of new flagships, ROG8 Pro once again topped the list with an impressive average score of 2,135,740 points, more than 30,000 points ahead of the second place. It has undisputedly become the performance leader in the current mobile phone market. King.

“性能怪兽”又双叒屠榜了ROG8 Pro登顶6月安兔兔性能榜

The combination of soft and hard, the performance is "full"

The unparalleled performance of ROG8 Pro is due to the excellent combination of soft and hard. The hardware is equipped with the "performance iron triangle" combination of Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, LPDDR5X 8533MHz memory and UFS 4.0 flash memory, which provides sufficient hardware foundation for radical performance release.

In terms of system optimization, ROG8 Pro has an exclusive , whether it is "refreshing the map" of "Genshin Impact" for a long time, or "eating chicken" and just shooting, it can be carried out stably and smoothly.

In addition, users can also adjust the underlying parameters of the system through custom performance configuration in "In-depth E-sports Tuning", such as increasing the temperature control upper limit, CPU frequency, etc., "private customization" level performance optimization, which is suitable for professional users. Esports players are more friendly.

“性能怪兽”又双叒屠榜了ROG8 Pro登顶6月安兔兔性能榜

1. Powerful heat dissipation to suppress violent performance

After the release of radical performance, in order to avoid making the phone a "hot potato", the game screen is stuck in "PPT". ROG8 Pro brings a matrix liquid cooling architecture 8.0, innovatively introducing high-efficiency thermal conductive copper pillars, which directly act on the SoC, which can effectively suppress the temperature of the heat source and avoid frequency reduction, even when facing "Genshin Impact" at the highest image quality. "The "skill flying" in masterpieces such as "Zero" can also achieve no fluctuation in frame rate. At the same time, it also has the help of SoC mid-mounted architecture, vacuum chamber vapor chamber, and boron nitride thermal conductive materials to ensure that players can still play "calmly" after ROG8 Pro enters the "violent performance" state.

“性能怪兽”又双叒屠榜了ROG8 Pro登顶6月安兔兔性能榜

ROG8 Pro not only has powerful hardware, but also has unique cooling technology, allowing players to freely "customize" the gaming experience. With continuous iterative optimization of performance, ROG8 Pro firmly ranks at the top of the Android flagship performance list. For players who pursue the ultimate gaming experience, ROG8 Pro is obviously a choice not to be missed at the moment.

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