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How can I position Douyin without my own store name? What's the matter with not having your own store name?

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How can I position Douyin without my own store name? Whats the matter with not having your own store name?

Question: Douyin store location does not display the store name? When merchants were promoting their stores on Douyin, they found that the store name did not appear in the positioning information, resulting in their inability to effectively locate the store. In order to solve this problem, PHP editor Apple provides you with a detailed guide to help you understand the cause and find a solution. Please read on for more information.

1. How to position Douyin without your own store name?

1. Check whether the store meets Douyin certification standards

Douyin has certain requirements for certified stores, such as the store needs to have certain business hours, business scope, etc. If your store has not been certified by Douyin, the store name may not be displayed during positioning. Therefore, you need to first ensure that your store meets Douyin certification standards and submit relevant materials for certification.

2. Improve store information

On Douyin platform, store information needs to be complete and true. Information including store name, address, phone number, etc. must be consistent with the actual situation. If the information is incomplete or false, the Douyin platform may ignore your store positioning. Therefore, you need to ensure that your store information is complete and authentic on the Douyin platform.

3. Use Douyin merchant positioning function

Douyin provides merchants with a special positioning function, which can display the store location on the map more accurately. You can use this function through the following steps:

(1) Open Douyin and click "Me" to enter the personal center;

(2) Click the "three dots" button in the upper right corner and select "Settings"; (3) Scroll down to find "Business Information" and click "Add Store"; (4) Fill in the store-related information and ensure that the address is accurate;

(5) Submit for review and wait for approval by the Douyin platform.

4. Communicate and give feedback to the Douyin platform

If none of the above methods can solve the problem, you can try to communicate and give feedback to the Douyin platform. You can submit questions through Douyin’s official channels, or contact customer service for help. The platform will verify the information you provide and provide you with a solution after verification.

2. What’s wrong with the positioning of Douyin without its own store name?

1. Adjustment of Douyin positioning rules

The Douyin platform will adjust the positioning rules from time to time, which may cause some store names to be unable to be displayed. This situation is usually temporary, and merchants only need to pay attention to Douyin’s official announcement and adjust their store positioning according to the latest regulations.

2. Store names are similar or have the same name

If your store name is similar or has the same name as other nearby stores, it may not be displayed accurately during positioning. In this case, you need to provide more detailed address information so that the Douyin platform can correctly identify it.

3. The store address information is incorrect

The store address information plays a key role in the positioning process. If the address information is incorrect, the store name may not be displayed. Therefore, you'll want to double-check your store address information to make sure it's accurate.

4. Technical issues on the Douyin platform

There may be technical issues on the Douyin platform, resulting in the inability to display some store names. In this case, you can try restarting the Douyin APP, clearing the cache, updating the version, etc. to see if the problem can be solved.

It is a common problem that the Douyin positioning does not have its own store name. Merchants can solve it by checking the store certification, improving the information, and using the merchant positioning function. If the problem persists, it is recommended to communicate with the Douyin platform for feedback.

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