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How to make a reservation at iMoutai iMoutai reservation tutorial sharing

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Question: How to make an appointment to purchase wine through iMoutai APP? Brief explanation: iMoutai is the official digital marketing platform of Kweichow Moutai. It supports online reservations for wine purchases, but many people don’t know how to make reservations. Guided reading: In order to help you easily make reservations for i Moutai, PHP editor Xigua has carefully prepared this article tutorial, explaining in detail the steps for making an appointment to purchase wine on i Moutai. After reading this article, you will master the entire process of making an appointment with iMoutai and easily buy authentic Moutai.

i茅台怎么预约 i茅台预约教程分享

i How to make a reservation at Moutai

1. Check the correct time

1. First of all, we need to understand that the daily pre-order time is 9:00-10:00.

2. According to tests, the later you make an appointment, the higher your winning rate will be, but we can’t be too late.

3. The editor recommends that you start making reservations from 9:55-9:58, and leave some time to avoid missing the network card.

i茅台怎么预约 i茅台预约教程分享

2. Choose a location

1. The quantity of each batch of Moutai is limited, and the proportion of distribution in each store is the same.

2. In other words, regardless of whether it is a big city or a small county, the quantity available in stores is the same.

3. This means that there may be 1,000 people competing with us for reservations in big cities, while there are only 100 or even less in small counties.

4. Therefore, when choosing a store, you should try your best to choose a store in a remote area with few people. If you have friends from other places in the countryside, you can even ask them to help deliver.

i茅台怎么预约 i茅台预约教程分享

3. Reservation goals

1. Currently, the most profitable products on i Moutai are 100ml Small Moutai and Year of the Tiger Moutai.

2. Therefore, these two models have the most people grabbing them, and the probability of getting them is relatively low.

3. Therefore, we can choose some appointments that are sure to make money but don’t make much money to increase the success rate.

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