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How to turn on the youth mode in class online classroom

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Faced with teenagers’ online learning safety issues, ClassIn online classroom has launched a youth mode, committed to providing a safe and focused learning space for teenagers, helping them make full use of online resources while accepting effective supervision from parents and schools. In order to solve the online learning safety problem of teenagers, PHP editor Xigua will introduce you in detail how to set up the youth mode of ClassIn online classroom to help you create a safe and efficient learning environment for teenagers. Come and see how it works!

classin在线教室怎么开启青少年模式 classin在线教室设置青少年模式方法分享

How to turn on the youth mode in classin online classroom

The first step is to open the classin online classroom and click on the avatar.

classin在线教室怎么开启青少年模式 classin在线教室设置青少年模式方法分享

The second step is to click Settings.

classin在线教室怎么开启青少年模式 classin在线教室设置青少年模式方法分享

The third step is to find the youth mode and turn it on.

classin在线教室怎么开启青少年模式 classin在线教室设置青少年模式方法分享

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