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How to improve Dianping’s star rating How to improve Dianping’s star rating

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How to improve Dianping star rating? For businesses, Dianping’s star ratings are crucial. In order to help merchants improve their store star rating, PHP editor Baicao carefully summarized a variety of effective methods. This article will elaborate on these methods, including optimizing services, actively responding to reviews, conducting promotional activities, etc. By taking these measures, merchants can improve user satisfaction, thereby obtaining higher star ratings and enhancing store competitiveness.

大众点评怎么提升星级 大众点评提升星级方法

How to improve the star rating of Dianping

1. Star rating idea

. The premise of improving the star rating is that there are enough selected reviews. The premise of selection is that there are a lot of positive reviews; and the prerequisite of having positive reviews is , there is sales. So from back to front, sales is the **first** key factor.

So how to increase sales?

Sales are related to traffic, decoration, projects, prices, activities, etc. Only by continuously optimizing content can sales be increased. There must be hot-selling projects, and low-price registration activities should be carried out in the early stage; at the same time, hot-selling projects must have price advantages. In the early stage, the store weight is low and the traffic is scarce. The boss with strong financial resources can do some promotion in the early stage to attract traffic and increase sales.

In addition, new stores involve a time factor.

, in the first **first month**, the platform’s support was the **strongest**. This month ** must ** seize the opportunity, complete the new store tasks, sign up for new store support, there will be ranking support activities, and ** carry out ** low-price starting activities. Accumulate **sales** while accumulating reviews. It is **practical** to achieve **no less than** 10 selections in the first month**. Only 10 selected items will display the initial star rating, usually 3.8 points. If you miss the **first month** support and try to increase sales at a low price later, you won't be able to sell it **quickly.

, If you miss the first month of support, it will not be that easy to increase sales at a low price later. Basically, the traffic will drop significantly from the second month. Without enough volume and enough reviews, the star rating will be stuck at a relatively sluggish 3.9.

2. Promotion stages

, Dianping’s **four stars** is a hurdle; merchants that cannot pass **four stars** will have relatively low traffic and will not have a brand level. **Four stars** Before scoring, the focus should be on evaluation to ensure service quality and avoid negative reviews. The early stage is the most difficult stage and generally takes **one to two** months to complete. Once the accumulation of positive reviews exceeds **four stars**, the traffic will rebound significantly. Once you have a normal amount, it is relatively easy to increase your points.

3. Selected operation

**Conditions for selected reviews:** * **Reviews with stars** * **Evaluation text should be no less than 15 words** * **Rich content, able to convey the author’s feelings** * **With high reference value to other consumers**, **high-quality and high-quality reviews** are more likely to be selected. **Warm reminder:** Negative reviews will generally be included in the selection.

4. Negative reviews affect the star rating

If a store accumulates many negative reviews, the score increase will be very slow. There are many negative reviews, indicating that the store has product defects or service defects, causing customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, optimizing internal operations and improving customer experience is more critical than obtaining positive reviews. The interior is smooth and smooth, and the customer experience is excellent. It is natural for customers to take the initiative to spread word of mouth. Otherwise, it will become a deliberate solicitation for praise and promotion.

大众点评怎么提升星级 大众点评提升星级方法

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